Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy here for another Wonderful Wednesday! And today I’m here to tell you about my new vocation – I have officially been granted the title of poopologist! And guess what???? So is the Coyote!!! And we have an Applied Poopology degree. That’s where we beat the Boss. He just has the basic level degree.

So for those who may not be familiar with these illustrious titles – let me tell you about them. Poopology, while not an exact science, is the study of poop. And really, any human who is owned by dogs is a junior Poopologist. We know how you two-leggeds not only pick up our poop – but you keep a mental record about it too. Like when did we go. And what did it look like. So you have your Introductory Poopology degree. The next level is where we canines start to excel. Because not only do we look at poop, we REALLY study it. I mean we use our olfactory senses to figure out who left the poop AND we can even figure out what the guy had for his last meal. I mean just watch us when there is a poop sample that we come across on a walk. Our noses hit the ground in the general vicinity and we sniff faster and more frantically the closer we get. And then. The study. While some dogs like The Boss do the study which includes lots of sniffing and up close examination, SOME of us have an Applied Degree. Which means we sample the sample. And lately, I am a bit obsessed with sampling wild animal poop found in the woods or on our morning walk on the golf course. In fact, I remember the exact location of every sample on our walk – and each day, try to sample more before My Enforcer wildly runs over and tries to stop me.

Even the Picky Picard now seems to have developed a taste of the wild. Bunny balls are a great appetizer before breakfast. Well, they’re really a good snack any time of the day.

I try to grab a snack before My Enforcer calls me and then I come running to her with lips smacking. She generally says “Ewwwwww.”

Some dogs like to sample the offerings of other dogs – and some actually produce their own snacks. Now that’s where I draw the line. I prefer a wild free-range diet.

So that’s the poop for today. Now excuse me while I get ready for my walk – and my foraging. Things are extra tasty in these cold temperatures- yup – they are poopsicles! Sometimes even I think I’m funny!!!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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