Classes and on-line dating

Howdy blogees. Elroy here on another Marvelous Monday. Here to recap our weekend- which overall was pretty low key. Like me. Unless I escape…

Let’s see. On Saturday, the Shark went off with Her Highness, our friend Wendy and the Shark’s girlfriend, Gena to a “handling” class. Meanwhile, the Boss and I had several relaxing hours (without him) at home. I heard that it’s surprisingly not HIM who needs the handling – it’s Her Highness. Between you and me and the hundreds of other people reading this – when you see her photo in the dictionary, the caption does not read “graceful.” Klutz is a better caption. She has to learn to be less tense. And more ballerina-like. Good LUCK with that.

What else? Oh yeah. Here’s a good one. I’m not supposed to talk about it – but I’m not supposed to run out the front door if it’s open either. So heck – I’ll spill the biscuits. Plus those PONs will clean them up.

As some of you long-time readers may recall, Her Highness tried the on-line dating thing before. We won’t go WAY back but suffice to say she hasn’t done it in a long time. Then COVID struck – and she got bored hanging out with just us. I’m not sure why. We keep her busy enough. Anyway, she decided to “dabble again” this winter. I’m thinking she could start her very own blog about her (mis)adventures. There was a guy who was supposed to be a good match. And it turned out he was a super nice guy. Funny. Smart. Great storyteller. Not hard to look at. One TINY little issue. He’s not a “dog person.” You can stop laughing – although it took us several minutes. It seems our chaotic household wasn’t REALLY his thing. And who could blame him. BUT – he and Her Highness DO both enjoy hiking – so they have mutually agreed to be hiking buddies – which is PERFECT. AND – he actually reads our blog now! So that’s all we’ll say about him. Cause we know he’s reading. Just jokin’. He and Her Highness are both very happy in their friendship role.

There was another “match” who also wasn’t a dog lover. Although it clearly stated in her profile that if “you don’t like dogs, we are not a match,” it appears she should have put it in all caps and in bold lettering. Clearly these dudes don’t read the full profiles or pay much attention to the content. Or they think she’s joking about dogs. Wrongo.

The jury is out on the current prospect. It’s way too early to see where this one will/could go. There’s been no meeting yet. And since he lives in the Ukraine, who knows. Just kidding. He lives in Lapland. Or some place like that. And we aren’t even sure he reads this – he knows it exists… but has never said much about it. One very good thing about this guy- he has a dog. So bonus points there. Mind you, that could add a whole other level of drama if we canines did not get along. Her Highness is throwing in the towel if this doesn’t pan out. She said it’s more work than work.

Oh yeah- plus she’s shipping me back to Quebec to get a job. Sadly, my home province has a huge number of COVID cases, so the entire province has a curfew from 8PM to 5AM daily. You can leave home for work, to go to a pharmacy or for an emergency. OR if you have to walk your dog!!! So. Rumor has it that people are renting out their canines to dogless people – at $100/hr!!! Well. It’s supposedly a rumor. But Her Highness said it would be a way for me to make some biscuit money. Plus, I do speak the language.

So that’s the gossip from here. Tomorrow the Shark has his own private obedience class. I think it’s because he was too rowdy in group classes – but nobody is saying anything. All I know is that it means some QUIET time at the ranch. Maybe I can scroll through the on-line dating sites while Her Highness is gone, and re-write her profile. I mean really – who knows her better than us? Now THIS could be fun…….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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