Word Nerd Day

Hey hey hey everybody! Squirmy Wormy here. To brighten your Saturday! And GUESS what today is?! It is Word Nerd Day!!!! I’m thinking The Boss should have written this blog because he’s more of a nerd than me. But he told me I have to do it and I do whatever he commands.

This first part he told me to include. It’s terms having to do with the word “dog.” It’s a bit too academic for me!!!! Even My Enforcer didn’t get all of them correct….


Now the next part is more up my alley. It’s slang words having to do with us pets. Like sploot and derp and frap.

Sploot is when we dogs relax so much that we have our bellies on the floor – but our feet in the back go behind us. Puppies often do it. And I do it a lot. Here’s me splooting as a little puppy.

Derp is the term that describes when we canines have a silly or clumsy expression. Like these…

And frap is an acronym standing for Frenetic Random Activity Period. Better known as the Zoomies. Like these:

Now you can take the Sploot, Derp, and Frap quiz!


How did you do????? If you want even MORE dogs slang terms, here ya go:


Now you can be a nerd just like the Boss!

Gotta go now and boof at some birds – after I boop the Coyote in the nose!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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