Dog show news. And sad news…

Salutations blog readers. Frodo here for your reading pleasure today. It seems that the imp has managed to squirm his way into more postings lately – perhaps channeling brother Viktor. I must say, there are many similarities between the two. Although I don’t recall Viktor being quite so “mouthy.” But not to worry – this mature bark is still louder than his, and my cracked teeth can still defend possession of ANY stuffed toy. The teeth are equally good at destroying said stuffed toy.

I return to academia tonight. Yes – another round of Masters classes for yours truly. I need to clarify here that the classes are NOT for me. They are for Her Highness – who really needs to study her Rally signs. She did actually crack open the iPad the other day, and began to review them. There are, I believe at least 95 signs. She got as far as #30. Which is rather pitiful given that those included “Start,” “Finish,” “Fast” and “Slow.” Good thing I can hold up my end of the performance.

Allow me to share some news in the world of dogs today. The AKC has just recognized its newest breed – the Biewer (interestingly pronounced “beaver”) terrier. The 4-8lb shaggy toy breed is apparently an adaptable little fella – excelling at agility, obedience and even dock diving. Personally, I would like to see one dock diving. You can read more about the breed here – and about their interesting roots.

While the Biewer seems to be getting press in recent days, it appears three other breeds will also be attending the famous Westminster Kennel Club show this year for the first time. They include the Lakenois – a Belgian herding dog, the Barbet – a French water dog who is in the sporting group and the Dogo Argentino, a dog from Argentina bred to hunt dangerous game like wild boar and pumas.

And did you know that the famous Westminster Kennel Club show will NOT be taking place at Madison Square Garden in 2021?! It will be relocating to Tarrytown, NY at an estate which belongs to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And it will be in June.

My beauty pageant dog shows are long ago in my past, but I believe the imp is trying to follow in my paw prints. He is returning to his “handling class” on Saturday. Heaven help Her Highness. I don’t recall that biting at one’s handler is looked upon as “good” behavior.

Finally, I’ve left the sad news for the end. For regular readers, you may recall a visit we had in the summer of 2019, by some of Her Highness’ family from Buffalo, New York. Lou ( Her Highness’ first cousin once removed – which means her mother’s first cousin – for those not good with pedigrees) and his wife Rose visited for a few days and toured around the Maritime provinces. Lou was 92 going on 65. He was a fabulous chef, gardener, baker, jam, wine and sausage maker, lover of music, and someone who would have been a fabulous Jeopardy contestant- his knowledge of various subjects was amazing. Anyone who met him was shocked to learn his age. He liked dogs and cats – and was delighted to meet us. When one thinks of the words “living large” – that was Lou. Sadly and quite unexpectedly, he suddenly became ill, and passed away yesterday. He lived a long and FULL life, yet it is never easy to lose someone. We can only hope that his never ending zest for life and new experiences serves as a model for anyone who met him. He was truly a remarkable man…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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