Hey blogaroos!!! Squirmy here! So we have completed 4 days of 2021 and guess what? I’ve been pretty good! If you don’t count the fridge magnet that I tried to eat. And the fact that I have taken half our toys outside and left them in the snow. And you ignore my ricocheting off My Enforcer. And the fact that I have now decided to chew on the chairs in the kitchen. But that’s just little stuff.

My Enforcer had some great fun with us yesterday. I think she was screaming with excitement. But the Boss said she was screaming with frustration. Sounds the same to me.

Anyway, we got these cool bumpers from Santa:


We got two of them. They are great for playing fetch! And you know how much I like to play fetch. And so does the Boss. If there are treats.

So yesterday, My Enforcer loaded her pockets with treats and took us in the back yard. I was jumping and spinning and waiting for her to throw a bumper. The Boss was also waiting- calmly. But- we had another player yesterday. For some reason, the Coyote wanted to play. He was standing and shaking in anticipation of the bumper being thrown. But there’s one giant problem with him playing the game. He races to get the bumper and then runs away with it. He doesn’t get the retrieve part of the game. So every time he got it, My Enforcer had to chase him to get the bumper back. So what she started doing was throwing it the opposite direction- so one of us PONs could get it. She was throwing it strategically so he wouldn’t get it. And it worked a few times. But her great strategy didn’t go exactly as planned when, instead of heaving it far across the lawn, she kinda goofed and threw it up. We all raced around to find it. Only problem? It was stuck in the tree.

Well. We’ve seen them stuck on the roof before. Oh. Did I mention she’s not super coordinated sometimes? Anyway, we have to always wait for a wind storm to get the ones off the roof. But this was in a tree….

So she made all kinds of groaning sounds and marched into the house. The Boss followed her. Meanwhile, I started to eat the rope on the other bumper while the Coyote was still wandering around trying to find the one stuck in the tree.

Well. Two minutes later, My Enforcer marched out of the house carrying this long pole thingy with a sharp blade on the end for cutting branches. She mumbled something to herself about me ( the canine ping pong who likes to use her as an upright trampoline) and the fact that she was carrying a long sharp object. She tossed some treats in the snow to keep me occupied. That was smart.

Meanwhile, she was standing on tiptoes trying to catch the branch. I think I heard her praying. Or maybe it was swearing. Anyway- after a few tiptoe lunges she finally knocked the bumper lose – nearly beaming herself in the process.

After that she announced “Games over. Everybody inside.” The Coyote was still looking for the bumper. The Boss just wanted to go in and eat the treats. And it was just me who wanted to play more. Sometimes I think I need a more active household where the housemates can keep up with me.

Looks like we could get some snow flurries today. I better get out in the yard to bring in my toys before they’re buried….And MAYBE we can try the bumper game again. In the front yard.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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