And a message from Our Leader

Hey blog readers. Linda here. Now you don’t need to panic – I think the only times I have been allowed on here is to convey bad news. EVERYONE is fine. Well, that is probably a bit of a stretch – as that little guy is not always “fine.” He is frequently threatened with a bus trip back to New Jersey. The other day after he dragged my coat out of the closet while I wasn’t watching him for 30 seconds, and after he stole a toy from Elroy and barked incessantly in Frodo’s face, I looked at his sweet, shaggy face and said “You know, at this very moment you don’t have many friends in this house.” He looked right at me, lunged at me and tried to pull the sleeve off my sweater. The one I was wearing. He’s generally not trying to win a popularity contest. Good thing he’s cute…

But this blog isn’t about our usual household chaos. This is about a question posed to me several months ago – by someone I met at a social gathering. Clearly it was awhile ago – I can’t recall the last time I went to a social gathering where I didn’t know everyone. So we’re talking pre-bubble days. And it ties into a gift I received for Christmas.

The question I was asked was “Why do you like dogs?” I felt like responding “Because they don’t ask crazy questions,” but I said that in my head. Or I think I did.

But it really is an interesting question. And yours truly, who is rarely at a loss for words, was silent. At least for 10 seconds. What is it about these furry four legged beings that steals our hearts? And our pocketbooks.

It certainly isn’t for the grooming. I mean, who wants to have a wresting match with a dog who sounds as if he is being murdered?

It isn’t for the incessant barking. Sometimes to alert you to a flying leaf or a rabbit. (Mind you, one never knows when one of those bunnies might have a violent streak. ) I should mention that the crazy barking DOES excuse the fact that my doorbell is broken. So I don’t NEED a doorbell. Hearing aids from the ear shattering barking -maybe…

Liking dogs has nothing to do with sending my vets on many all-inclusive vacations. I mean I love my vets – but the less I see of them, the better.

I don’t like dogs because I absolutely adore going for walks when there are hurricane force winds and pouring rain. Not to mention the fact that I’m usually dragging a soggy PON behind me – like an inert bag of potatoes.

I don’t like dogs just so I can spend mega bucks to travel to and enter dog shows. Let’s face it – winning a 50 cent ribbon is not exactly a lucrative return on one’s investment.

I don’t like dogs so I can spend more on their food, toys and attire than I often do on myself. I can easily walk away from a pair of new shoes – but passing up a new, tough and durable dog toy is virtually impossible. I can justify every cent I spend on my four leggeds.

I don’t like dogs because I love olfactory art on my windows and fur balls that appear right after I have put the vacuum away. I don’t like dogs for the muddy paw prints that are tracked in right after I finish washing the floor on hands and knees.

The highlight of dog ownership is hardly about picking up poop. Or other bodily projectiles. Some of which you can’t even THINK about because if you thought about it enough, you would never be able to do it!

So how does one answer the question. Why do you like dogs? Kind of like asking, “Why do you like bananas? Or “Why do you like sunny days?”

It’s because dogs represent the best of what we two leggeds should be. They are the epitome of friendship. And love. They are happy to see you whether you have stepped into the bathroom for a few minutes, or you have returned from a two week vacation. They are truly happy to just be with you. Whether it’s lounging with you on the couch while you watch TV, or competing in an obedience trial. If given the choice to go to a training class or to stay at home, dogs do that thing we sometimes do with our friends. “What do you want to do today?” Answer: “Whatever YOU want to do.” And dogs MEAN it. They’re good with whatever makes YOU happy.

Dogs have great perceptive abilities – and are quick to pick up when you are sad and in need of a hug. They also are quick to happily join in on a dance party when an upbeat song comes on the radio. No one has to drag them on the dance floor. They’re always up for a party. And some are quite happy to sing along.

Although some may feel their dogs are snubbing them when they do something their dogs don’t like, dogs are really pretty forgiving. For example, some say their dogs ignore them when they’ve returned from a trip. But really? How long does that last? In my experience, dogs don’t hold grudges. They rebound very quickly.

Sure- dogs may be naughty at times. Who can ignore my long-standing chewed carpet woes. But does a dog do that to knowingly be “bad”. I doubt it. For attention? Much more likely. Again – it’s all about being with us. And if they are WITH us, the likelihood of naughtiness decreases greatly.

So that’s my answer to the question. Rather long-winded and several months late. I welcome your thoughts and feelings on this one too. As part of my Christmas gift from my sister, I received the welcome mat you see above. I can think of no better message for the entrance to my home. That and “Enter at your own risk….” Because you may just lose a piece of your heart.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “And a message from Our Leader

  1. This blog entry is not only hysterical, it’s spot on accurate! Being that I raised (she’s 3 now) Wojtek’s sister from another mother, your experiences with him have given me hope that I don’t own the most naughty PON ever born. All that passion made her the most affectionate dog who has ever owned me. That doesn’t mean she is now perfectly behaved; still barks incessantly, will snap if anyone she doesn’t know tries (after I warn them not to) to pet her, growls every time I pick her up, screams bloody murder and bites the brush (no longer bites me) while being groomed. So thanks for writing. I enjoy every word.


  2. Dear Linda this is a beautiful essay. I laughed and teared up, as I remembered the three dogs I owned for about 50 years of my life. You captured the heart of all dog lovers. Naughty or nice , good or bad once your dog is in your heart they remain there forever and worth every minutes attention they demand. Thank you for stating it so perfectly. Happy New year.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. Every single one of them takes a piece of your heart and despite the sometimes challenging times, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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