Happy New Year

Happy New Year blogaroos! It’s Squirmy here welcoming in a brand new yearbook with 365 blank pages!!!! I think I will have PLENTY of material for those blank pages!!!

We ended 2020 on a good note- with an obedience class for me and the Boss. I ended up hogging most of the class time – probably because I’m a work in progress – and The Boss really knows what to do – it’s My Enforcer who needs the training. The Boss’ goal is Rally Masters. My goal is how to get the treat jar open without opposable thumbs.

It’s a brand new year. A clean slate. 2020 is OVER. My Enforcer remembers well the beginning of 2020 – which unbeknownst to her, could have set the tone for the whole year. Viktor went to the Rainbow Bridge and then COVID struck. There were other losses and sadness during the year. BUT THEN I ADOPTED HER IN JUNE! On New Year’s Day last year would she EVER have believed how her year would play out?!

Think of today as a new start. Sure – 2020 was pretty horrible- BUT there were bright spots. And hopefully, as time passes, you will focus on those.

I understand that one is supposed to come up with resolutions for the New Year. Which one breaks before the end of January. The key to keeping resolutions (in my mind) is to make them doable. So here we go….

1. Eat everything in your food bowl. Let nothing go to waste as there are dogs in other parts of the world having to scrounge for food. I can do this….

2. Bring back the fetch toy. Because then it is thrown again.

3. Obey commands on the first request. Because great rewards come when you do as told.

4. Don’t be disrespectful to your elders. Like The Boss. Because although their teeth may be cracked, they can still use them…

5. Walk nicely on a leash. Because you get to see the world that way.

6. Don’t destroy stuffed toys or eat inedible objects like gloves. Because hydrogen peroxide tastes yucky.

I’ll start with those. That’s plenty. I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

We hope 2021 is a year full of love, luck and laughter for everyone reading this. And please know how grateful we are for each and every one of you! Keep smiling and pass it on.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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