Car rides and Kip

Yo. Readers. Elroy here. Enjoying the last few days of 2020. I hear it was a challenging year for lots of two leggeds – but honestly, from this dog’s point of view, it wasn’t all that bad. Her Highness was home with us lots of the time – so who can complain about that? Unless she wants to take photos with us canines wearing headgear. That I could do without.

Seems Her Highness has been on a bit of a walking kick lately. I’m thinking it’s to make up for eating too many Christmas cookies. And Halloween treats. She went for a long walk the other day – and she took the Shark. They went with our friend Wendy, and the Shark’s girlfriend, Gena. They went for several hours – which was wonderful. Not only did we have relief from the tornado while he was gone, but he actually came home and took a nap. A post-Christmas miracle. The next two days she went for walks with friends, but didn’t take any of us. Hello? Can humans actually go for walks without their dogs? Isn’t there something in the ownership manual that says they MUST take us along?! I’ll have to look it up.

Anyway, to make us feel better, she took all of us for drives to the mailbox (which takes all of 3 minutes), to the post office (a 12 minute drive) and to pick up a pizza at a place 5 minutes down the road. Big mistake on that outing. The Boss drooled all over her shoulder on the way home. Not to mention all the olfactory art on the windows. It looks like all the back windows have frosted glass now. Kind of a cool effect…

Hey. Do you know whose birthday it is? Nope. Not mine. Here’s a hint…Jungle Book. Still aren’t sure? Why it’s Rudyard Kipling’s birthday. OK. Truth be told, I didn’t know either. The Boss told me. He’s the literature buff around here. I’m more of a comic boy guy myself.

But back to Rudy. Or should I call him Kip? I like Kip. Hey was that a crow that just flew by? What was I saying? Oh yeah. Kip. So I guess the dude is a pretty famous writer. He was born in India, but lived in England. He wrote novels, short stories and poems. And he won a Nobel Prize for Literature. But did you know that he liked dogs? A lot. And did you know he wrote a poem about dogs? Get your tissues out…

Yup. The dude liked dogs so much – he is basically warning readers that dogs can break your heart. I’m thinking there might be a few readers who understand this message.

OK. On that happy-go-lucky note, I think it’s time to go walking. Her Highness’ friend Joanie came into town and stayed at our place last night. I like her. I just sit and stare at her. And stare. Like I’m trying to say “please take me with you. The Shark drives me bonkers. Please take me….”. OK. I’m just joking. Sort of. He is fun sometimes. When he’s holding something in his mouth so he can’t bite you. Was I EVER that wild? Don’t answer that. I do recall my “walk-abouts.” But hard to believe I am now one of the “good” dogs. See. Miracles happen. Just don’t leave the front door open….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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