Christmas casualties

Happy Monday blogaroos. Squirmy here. Although we know that Baby Jesus’ Birthday Bash was a big success, today I do need to talk about Christmas casualties. What Christmas casualties ? Well – I’m talking about those canine Christmas presents (and other items) that don’t survive until New Years’s Day. And apparently it happens all the time.

For example, My Enforcer received the following photo from a good friend minutes after his dog opened his Christmas present.

Looks like money well spent. Not. It’s a typical Christmas casualty.

A blog reader sent My Enforcer a note thanking us for my blog about hydrogen peroxide. It seems her dog ate the leg of his Christmas present. I’m assuming it was a stuffed toy. Anyway, because of my glove experience, she knew how to get that leg back – once again restoring the joy of Christmas to their household. Another Christmas casualty – with a good ending. See – I knew I ate that glove for a reason…

My Enforcer saw a meme commemorating all those squeakers that lost their lives this Christmas. I’m sure there were many.

In our household, one of the gifts was this prickly tough round rubber “thing” that has two rubber feet. I’m not sure WHY Santa brought that gift – because yours truly immediately tried to chew off the feet. I wasn’t successful because My Enforcer watched my earnest effort to make that thing an amputee, and she immediately removed it. I’m not sure where it went.

My Enforcer read about dogs chewing on other things too like the Christmas tree, tinsel and of course wrapping paper. But the worst? Probably the dog named Duffer – who chewed on…get ready…the Baby Jesus from the family’s nativity scene!!! The Baby Jesus was reportedly a family heirloom – made of wax and fabric – an obviously tasty combo for Duffer. He left a few remnants of the figure, but until the family could find a suitable replacement, Baby Jesus had a variety of stand-ins – including Gumby.

We found this video which is actually quite old – but well, it’s nice to know other naughty dogs exist!!

So today we take a moment to remember all those toys, gifts and other items that didn’t survive a canine Christmas. Especially the squeakers . We will remember you fondly. Now let’s see what kind of stuffed things are on sale at Amazon….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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