Christmas recap. And more bloopers….

Holy moly howdy do! It’s me everybody!!!!! Squirmy! And did I ever enjoy this whole Baby Jesus birthday bash!

Despite my sometimes less-than-exemplary behavior- SANTA did bring me gifts!!!! Well. They were kind of communal canine gifts – so I do need to share them. But that’s OK.

One of THE most fun things was watching My Enforcer try to get a photo with us before we opened our gifts. She KNEW that my head would explode – so she had to carefully carry out her battle plan. First she sequestered me. Well. She didn’t at first. No. AT FIRST she attempted to put these scarf things on each of us – and when I immediately tried to strangle the Coyote with his own scarf, she put me in solitary. So she outfitted the other two, took them in the DFZ and planted them behind the gifts. You’ll note that The Boss gets into photo shoot mode, while the Coyote becomes the temperamental model.

He is told not to touch the presents but the paper on his lip gives him away.

Then I get added to the scene. You can see how excited the Coyote is. But look at the Boss…

Here I discover the pompoms on my scarf. And the Coyote officially wants to beam himself to another planet. And then we have the Boss.

And yet another joyous shot of the Coyote.

Finally we got this one…

The photos after this scene were all blurry. It was chaos. My Enforcer tossed all the gifts out of the DFZ and into the dining room. The Coyote immediately began shredding the wrappings. For a guy who looked so miserable in the pre photos, he came to life afterwards.

I ran around with the wrapped gifts not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Smiley just stood there and barked. We got some cool new fetch toys, and this ball with another ball inside it that squeaks. I love to squeak toys. And to torment everybody while doing it.

Oh oh. Plus besides the gifts that Santa brought, the mailman ALSO brought gifts. But he’s unionized so he didn’t come in the middle of the night like Santa. Anyway, he brought gifts for us from friends of My Enforcer-and we got everything from poop bags, to dog ornaments, to a cute towel with a “digging dog” on it, to a reusable shopping bag with dogs on it to dog treats!!! My Enforcer didn’t let us open those. Especially the treats. Can YOU imagine that?!

Yesterday My Enforcer had Christmas meals at two different places. When she came home in the evening after her second meal of the day, she kind of waddled into the house. She had a lovely day – and it’s great because after stuffing herself all day- that’s also good news for us. It means more walks in the days ahead. Yup – I’m really liking this Christmas stuff.

Today the Boss actually has a class – one of his sessions was canceled a few weeks ago due to bad weather. So he’s back to school today. Better him than me – I’m on Christmas vacation. At least that’s what I’m calling it.

Well it’s time to start fighting. I heard it’s Boxing Day – so I’m guessing we must do some play fighting. I know that in many places in the world, Boxing Day signals all kinds of sales on things that you paid full price for before Christmas. But not here in Nova Scotia. Everything is closed. Yup. No big sales here until after Boxing Day. Mind you some stores had pre Boxing Day sales. Seriously – humans are so confusing sometimes. And My Enforcer calls me crazy.

Time to get Miss Waddles out for a walk. We have a plan to keep her moving and to stare at her if she attempts to eat any more Christmas cookies…Wish us luck.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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