Merry Christmas!!!

Happy holidays blogaroos!!!! It’s me Squirmy and I’m SO excited that today is Christmas Eve!!!! I’m so excited I could pee!!!! But I had better do it outdoors….or that Santa guy might change his mind about bringing me presents.

Well for weeks now, My Enforcer has been making us take Christmas photos. And while you all seem to enjoy the good shots, you two leggeds seem to get more enjoyment out of our Bloopers. So that’s part of our gift to you. Here we go…

So she thought she could get one of all three of us wearing elf hats. I want you to pay close attention to The Boss in ALL the photos.

This one is not TOO bad – meaning we are all actually sitting. But I am planning other things. And note the look on the Coyote’s face. Like somebody told him something ridiculous like there is no Santa…

In this one I take a dive. And the Coyote is unhappy because this means he has to wear the elf hat even longer.

Here I am trying to rid myself of the hat…

And here I am taking it off…while the Coyote watches…

Here the elf hats are removed, and the Coyote is still not overly happy…

Here we add some garland and the Coyote and I notice something to our right…Note the stuffed dog who is still looking at the camera…

This one is the best for that session…I should probably mention that My Enforcer noticed gold tinsel in my poop the next day….

Then we had the day when I went out with the snowman. But My Enforcer used kibble for the snow dude’s eyes and mouth. Seriously – what did she think would happen?

Here’s an antler session. This was bad. Really bad. I mean we know the Coyote does NOT like headgear-,so why even try?

Here he starts sliding down….

So now My Enforcer attempts to get us to all lie down…but the Coyote refuses to look at the camera…

In this one, he is saying “seriously?”

Then we both begin to protest…

And the wardrobe malfunctions begin…

Here the Coyote has had his antler removed yet he still refuses to look at the camera – and yours truly gives up. But notice the Boss is still smiling. What a ham!

So there you have a few bloopers for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes My Enforcer can’t even capture the bloopers – she’s so busy giving out treats, throwing squeaky toys and stopping us from eating the props that she can’t even hold onto the phone. She needs an assistant. And we’ll pay in dog treats. Whatever is left over that we don’t eat during the session.

Well I need to go and get ready for Santa. He actually came early and dropped off some Bully Sticks yesterday. We were supposed to wait until Christmas to have them, but in order for My Enforcer to edit the photos you just saw, she knew she needed a few minutes of peace. So out came those Bully Sticks! She said they were her Christmas gift to herself. I don’t get that – they’re for us! Sometimes two leggeds are confusing.

I’ll let you know after Christmas if I did get any gifts. Paws crossed.

In the meantime, I wish all you blog readers from all of us – a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe and enjoy this very special birthday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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