Wojtek’s turn

Hey hey hey! It’s me! Squirmy!!!!!! Full of festive fun feelings! Today the days are already starting to get longer! AND I understand that in just two more days – we get PRESENTS! For somebody else’s birthday!!! How great is THAT?!

The Boss did tell me that I only get presents if I’ve been good. And not naughty. Hey – I’m just a baby – I’m not sure what naughty even means! How can you be guilty if you didn’t know that carpet chewing was even a crime?! I’m STARTING to understand that certain things like jumping on people, biting people and my “brothers”, eating gloves and counter surfing fall in the naughty category. I promise to do better next year. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say? Anyway, I’m still writing my letter to Santa. Plus I got tricked into having a bath yesterday- so Santa better bring me SOMETHING. Here we go…

Dear Santa Claus.

I’m so excited to meet you!!!! My name is Wojtek (pronounced Voy-tek) and on the 25th I’ll be 8 months old!!!!!!!!!! I was born in the United States but my ancestors come from Poland and now I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. But you probably already know that- I hear you get around.

I hope you are ready for your round the world tour. Just like a rock star! Although I hear you’re even more popular than any rock star ever – and you’ve been around longer than any rock star. Except maybe some guy named Keith Richards. The Boss told me to put that in. It’s his idea of a joke but I don’t get it.

Anyway Mr. Claus, this is my very first Christmas- so I’m not quite sure what to expect. The Coyote told me to ask for whatever I want – and as long as it’s not a Lamborghini, I have a shot at getting it. The Boss said to ask for edibles. And that sounds like a great idea. I love treats. I love food. I also love toys that I can retrieve because that means I get more treats when I bring them back! So I really really REALLY would like stuff to eat or chew on. Other than the carpet or chairs in the dining room.

Now for my confession part… I’m not certain I have been “nice” all the time. But I’m just little – so I’m learning. Plus you know what Santa? For a little guy, I learned I had some pretty big paw prints to fill in this house. There was a guy named Viktor who lived here before me – and from this old photo I found, I think HE was quite the guy…

Honestly, when I have my “less-than-nice” moments – it’s because that guy is telling me what to do!!! He’s still here. Trust me on this one- and I’m here to carry on his dumb bell. Whatever that means.

Anyway Mr. Claus, I like this whole Christmas thing. I’m getting the idea that it’s all about being good and kind and thoughtful to others. And if you are that way to others, gifts come back to you. In all different ways. Gifts don’t have to be “things” they can be a hug or a pat on the head, or a kind word like “good boy.” When you realize that – you understand how really easy it is to give gifts to others.

OK. I had better go and start behaving- it will be my gift to My Enforcer. I can do that – at least for a day!

Oh – If your reindeer need a break, feel free to stop in our yard. It’s fenced, and I’ll be happy to clean up any morsels they leave behind.

Take good care Mr. Claus!

Your friend , Wojtek

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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