Frodo’s turn

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here on this last Sunday before Christmas. The last minute shoppers will be rushing through the stores in a panic to select gifts. As if they didn’t know that Christmas falls on the 25th. Every year.

While I don’t want to burst the Claus bubble for any child under 8.4 who happens to be reading this blog (believe it or not there is an average age statistic for the disbelief phenomenon)- I am well aware that Santa has assistance from Her Highness. In selecting our gifts, of course. I do not believe that Santa comes down our chimney – because we would SURELY hear him. No – I believe Her Highness “meets Santa at a store” – and he gives her our gifts. Which she bemoaningly wraps ( I’m not certain there is such a word) – but you clearly gather her distain for wrapping.

In the past, we have received an assortment of toys – including those “educational brain games” we received a few years ago. The one where we each tried to eat the game pieces. Clearly the title “brain games” was a bit inaccurate- at least in this household.

So while I question the whole Claus “thing” – I have been told I must write a letter to put in my request for gifts. So. Here we go…

Dear Mr. S. Claus,

Salutations from Frodo, here in Nova Scotia. I am hopeful that given your remote domicile in the far North, that you and your spouse, as well as assorted height-challenged employees, were able to escape the ravages of COVID-19. I have seen no news reports indicating an outbreak in your area – so I trust that factory production is running on schedule.

Just like my “adopted brother,” Elroy – aka Coyote aka FG, I am quite content with all that I have. I don’t need a new collar, as one cannot see it with my shaggy coat. Grooming tools would be a cruel Christmas gift. Toys are fine – but personally, if asked for my favorite thing – food always wins. I’m not particularly fond of lettuce or Brussels sprouts, but beyond that, I have free-range palate. Anything goes. Admittedly, I have put on a few lbs since the Shark arrived – because when he gets treats, I insist on getting them too. So I suppose I could keep treats on my list- but please make them low calorie. They need not be vegan.

As to my behavior this past year, you will be delighted to know that as the “senior dog” in the household, I take great responsibility in modeling appropriate behavior. Except I suppose for the barking. Mind you, someone needs to bark out orders around here.

I know that this year has been difficult for many people and in stealing a term made popular by the Queen in 1992, this year has been an annus horribilis. And it would be extremely easy to focus on the numerous sad events throughout the year. Instead though, I prefer to focus on the good things – no major illnesses in our current household, the food bowls have never gone empty, the power and heat are on AND we welcomed the arrival of our new addition. The imp. The Shaggy Shark. Wojtek. While he does have an unruly habit of barking in my face, he is generally respectful of me. We like to lick each other’s heads – resulting in one gooky brown ear for each of us in the past week. I suppose I could put ear drops on the list.

No – instead of being an “ask letter”- consider my letter a thank you note. Thank you for all that I have. And may we be able to have the same feeling of thanks throughout 2021.

Stay safe Mr. Claus. Wear your mask AND a helmet- and be sure to pass on our gratefulness and hope for health and peace to all those reading this note.

Sincerely yours,

CKC Ch., CFC Elite Ch. Frodo du Domaine de Polana, CD, RE ( but you may call me Frodo)

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Frodo’s turn

  1. Hi, Frodo. I’m pretty sure your wishes will be granted by Santa! Thank you for your well wishes. Here’s wishing all of you peace and good health!


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