Santa came early!

Howdy blogees! Elroy here with some exciting news! The population of Berger Picards in Nova Scotia has just gone up by 16% – if my math skills are correct. Yup – there’s a new kid in town- his name is Tupper – AND he was born in the very same place as moi! But before you all begin to hyperventilate that we have a new addition in our house, I need to let you know that the handsome little lad is living with my girlfriend, Willow. I’m a BIT jealous – but I’ll get over it. Her Highness went to visit him the other day – and said not only is he super cute, but he’s smart too!!!!! Here he is with Willow – this photo was taken by Emma – the woman they own. Isn’t he cute?! I can’t wait to meet him!!!!

So now I want to try and figure out the population of PONs vs Picards in our province. Not that I necessarily KNOW all the dogs out there – but let’s face it, we rare breeds are pretty rare in some parts.

Today is exactly one week until Christmas. The Boss said we should each create our own lists for Santa. I’m not really “a list” kinda guy. I mean I like to go with the flow. I’m not big into restrictions or formality. But they said I have to do it – so here goes…

Dear Santa;

Elroy here. The biggest guy in the household. Those PONs think they are big- but I can still walk over them. Anyway, I’ve had to think a lot about what I would like for Christmas. Unlike most dogs, I generally think food and treats are overrated. Sure I’ll eat a sweet potato chew or certain parts of a bull’s anatomy – but that’s only if I have nothing else to do. So don’t bother with edibles for me.

I suppose I could use a new cover for that inflatable ball – the cover that is currently on the ball is missing pieces. Um. I’m not exactly sure how that happened. Oh – here’s a question for you- if you lie to Santa, do you get fewer gifts? I’m asking for a friend.

What else? No grooming stuff for me. I already have a brush and comb -good enough.

I like sheep. A lot. And we DO have a fenced yard now – so I think we are quite equipped to handle one or two. Plus they could mow the lawn – and although as I already mentioned, I’m not a foodie- I do enjoy the morsels that those sheep make. So yeah – toss a sheep or two in your sleigh if you have room.

I did get my Christmas wish before – the one where Her Highness would spend more time with us at home. First she retired and THEN we had this pandemic thing – so thanks for those.

Otherwise, I’m good Santa. Well – maybe not “good” in the behavior department- but good when it comes to needs. And actually- compared to that Shaggy Shark- I AM good in the behavior department! Who would EVER believe there could be someone more naughty than me! I can’t wait to see HIS list. Is he even eligible for gifts this year?

Anyway -take it easy Santa. Wear your mask, and drive safely.

Your pal,


Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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