The taste of hydrogen peroxide.

It’s me blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy the canine garburator!!!! And do I have a story for YOU. This is one of those “lemonade” stories. You know – if life serves you limes, buy some lenonade. Or something like that.

So this story has two parts. And it kind of began last week. But let’s start with the more recent part. Which was yesterday…

Yesterday, My Enforcer went to visit a new friend…..we’ll tell you all about him in our next blog. I think that’s what they call a cliffhanger…

Anyway, when she got home, she decided we needed to take more Christmas photos. Yup – the Dollar Store dress up has begun – and although we already do have some good bloopers for your viewing pleasure, she wanted to get a few more shots. So. She went in the garage to prepare the “set.” She was in there for like 10 minutes. She wasn’t worried about me chewing the carpet because that pepper spray stuff seems to have deterred my rug renovation skills. The stuff tastes yucky. But I’m sure it will eventually wear off. Anyway, I was pretty quiet while she was getting our “set” ready. She emerged from the garage to get us ready – and she realized my cheeks looked puffed out. Like I was holding something. She ran for a treat to “trade” and what she received was some wool. Brown wool. The cuff of a glove. Yup. Just the cuff. She did a quick scan of the rooms and found no other remnants – so it was pretty clear where the rest of the glove was. In my stomach.

Well. Although it was a cool day, she started sweating. Lots. But- she also KNEW what this meant. I mean she once lived with Bernese Mountain dogs who were notorious for eating mittens, socks- and then there was even the case when Paxton ate an entire 3 foot sling. Then there was Beamish, the Lab who ate a big block of bird suet. And someone who shall remain nameless who ate corn cobs….

So what does one do when a dog eats something bad? Well as long as there has not been too much time that has gone by – AND as long as the bad thing is not caustic – the best thing is to make us dogs puke. And the best method? Hydrogen peroxide. The vets have other methods to make us vomit – but the at- home method is hydrogen peroxide. In a real pinch ( pun intended) one can use salt. BUT WE DO NOT ADVOCATE THAT – as it can be dangerous if you give too much.

So. My Enforcer thought that given how much of the glove was missing – she had better try to “retrieve” it. Unfortunately, it’s been years since she’s had a garbage gut dog – so she had no Hydrogen Peroxide. She jumped in the car, after she sequestered me and took off for the closest pharmacy. On the way, she called our vet to find out about correct dosage.

When she got home, I was all excited to see her – as I usually am. I had no idea that the turkey baster in her hand would be holding the catalyst to make me puke. After she injected the foul stuff into the back of my mouth, she took me outside. In the fenced pen. And she waited. Well. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes that I put my head down and voila- a pile of glove fibers appeared! My Enforcer was SO happy. She waited a bit and when it seemed I was no longer feeling the urge to toss my cookies, she took me in the house. Of course, within 5 minutes, I puked more glove! Excellent. And then I puked AGAIN. And this time was particularly significant. Because in the remnants of treats and kibble there was something else. Something blue….And this is the lemonade part.

You see, every day, the Boss and I have Kongs at breakfast time- while My Enforcer is eating her breakfast. They are filled with treats and yogurt that is frozen overnight. Now there are three types of Kongs. Puppy Kongs, Regular Kongs and Super tough Kongs. We have one puppy Kong and the rest are regular or super. Anyway, last week when I was enjoying my morning Kong, My Enforcer noticed that I was chewing a fair bit. More than normal. On closer inspection, she realized that yours truly had torn off a large piece of rubber from the puppy Kong.

She immediately took it from me – and silently prayed that I had chewed the piece enough so that it wouldn’t cause an obstruction. Every day since then, she’s been searching my poop for bits of blue rubber. And no results…

So. IMAGINE her happiness yesterday when I not only puked glove – BUT I puked the big blue piece of Kong!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee!!! Oh oh. And after she got that all cleaned up, I puked liquid two more times on the new carpet! Just for good measure!!!!

Yup it was a lemonade day after all. I mean if I hadn’t eaten the glove, who KNOWS what would have happened with the Kong. Mind you, there was the story of a PON who once chewed the head off a stuffed duck. And returned it by puking it up 6 weeks later!!!!! Now THAT was remarkable.

OK gotta go. Time for my morning constitutional. And time to plan my misadventures for today. Gotta keep My Enforcer’s blood pressure from going too low. As if that’s ever a problem!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. And don’t eat gloves.

One thought on “The taste of hydrogen peroxide.

  1. OMG! Your friend down here in Texas ate a toy he should have never had. Two hoomans were watching as he tore & spit out every piece…or so we thought. Thankfully, he barfed each night for 3 nights. He could have come to get the mom, but noooooo. He had to barf in the corners of the doors on rugs. Then…two weeks later…more barf and a HUGE piece of the toy came up. Crazy! Be safe fuzzy!


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