Failed escape

Hey blogaroos!!! Another marvelous Monday! At least in my little world! You know me – Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday- all’s right with MY world. I’m a lucky dog. Although….I DID have a Scary Sunday. Because I tried a PONdini trick – and was NOT successful….

So you know how I have figured out how to lift the three latches on my wire crate aka prison cell – so My Enforcer has had to use carabiners to keep me in? And that’s been a successful incarceration method. So far. However… yesterday morning, the method failed. Half way.

My Enforcer took me out for a short morning constitutional. She then sequestered me in my cell while she took out the Coyote. I have to be incarcerated because of the whole carpet thing. Yawn. Anyway it was kinda damp and misty – so we each went out individually- for short walks. As My Enforcer was returning from their walk and she approached the front door, she heard what sounded like a bark and a squeal. It was different from my typical incessant barking. She opened the front door and her eyes kinda bugged out of her head. I had somehow managed to still push up the three latches on the door – and opened the door as wide as those 2 inch carabiner clips. And I had attempted to jump through the opening. I had done something like this before, when there was one carabiner clip. And BEFORE when I attempted this trick, I was a puppy. A smaller puppy. But I’m a big puppy now – so I unfortunately found myself stuck. Really stuck. Really REALLY stuck. With my body being squished with every breath. I was just a BIT panicky – so My Enforcer couldn’t reach underneath me to release the carabiners. So – like something out of a scene from Wonder Woman, she bent back the heavy wire door with one hand and lifted the back half of me with her other hand. I think I heard the theme from Rocky. And praise the Lord I was free!!!!! I was kinda panting and puffing because it’s hard work trying to free yourself from a tiny gap in a crate door. My Enforcer felt me all over, and I seemed fine. But you know her- she couldn’t take her eyes off me. She worried I squished some internal organs – but not to worry- like a mouse getting through a tiny gap, I was FINE. She did wish she had a home X-ray machine. Maybe Santa can bring her one for Christmas. Although I’m thinking it’s pretty unlikely. I think she should just put dog biscuits on her Santa list. Yeah – she can’t eat them – but we know her life revolves around our happiness- so she would be SO happy to get dog biscuits. OK. I guess that’s a stretch – especially coming from a dog who caused her blood pressure to skyrocket after a failed Great Escape.

Anyway….other than THAT I had a Super Sunday. Some neighbors dropped by because- get this – they baked BISCUITS for the dogs on the road. A lovely little girl (the niece of the neighbor) came by with our treats. We were sequestered on the deck – so as not to knock over the bearer of our lovely surprise. She thought we were funny. She got that right! And boy we loved her biscuits!!!!

Well no rain in the forecast for today – so time to hit the golf course for some 200 yd fetch. I love it. The only tiny problem with it is the bath I need afterwards to clean up my green feet. But it’s worth it.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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