The Scream

Hey everybody! It’s me – Squirmy! Hope you’re having a Super Saturday! Only ONE more Saturday before Christmas!!!! I have to write my list for Santa. Number one on the list will be an instructional video on how to open carabiners if you don’t have opposable thumbs. Yup. Escaping from my prison cell is numero uno on my list.

To keep me from further decimating the carpet ( besides keeping me in my cell), My Enforcer tried this pepper spray used to keep horses from chewing on things. So I guess horses can also misbehave!!!! Cool.

You have to apply the pepper spray in a well ventilated area. My Enforcer did it the other day, but she didn’t think she put on enough, as I was quickly walking around chewing carpet fibers the very next day. So the night before last, while we were safely sequestered in the bedroom, she donned a mask and goggles, held her breath and sprayed a good part of the carpet. So yesterday, I did nothing with regard to carpet crafting. We’ll see how long the pepper spray works.

Meanwhile, in an effort to tire me out, she has begun taking a Chuck It toy to the golf course when we go for our walks. The Chuck It is a long plastic thingy that allows one to throw a small rubber ball. We’ve used it in the yard, but she figured the fairways on the golf course would provide an even further fetching track. Well. My pin brain exploded when I watched that ball flying down the fairway. I took off like a bullet – often dramatically rolling in my attempt to stop the whirling orb. And then I would race back to My Enforcer for a treat. I did that at least half a dozen times, when I finally began to lie down half way back. I mean I was running hundreds of yards – and I was getting tired! My Enforcer was ALL excited. She figured I would be tired out and she could actually read a book for a chapter or two. But guess what? I only need about 15 minutes of rest before I’m ready to go again! It takes A LOT to tire me out!!

Hey I have some trivia!!!! Did you know that today is the birthday of Edvard Munch?’ You know who he is – the Norwegian painter who did that famous painting “The Scream.” If ya Google that painting, you might read a bunch of different theories behind the painting – everything from Munch’s feelings about nature at sunset to his feelings about his sister who was committed to an asylum to his impressions after visiting mummies at an Exposition. But guess what?! My Enforcer has her own theory!!!!!! True fact – Munch owned dogs!!!! My Enforcer says that explains the painting perfectly! Especially if he ever had a 7 month old puppy!!!

She thinks she’s funny sometimes. And we laugh along so she’ll give us biscuits…

Anyway – have a good one!!! Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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