General dog news

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy here!!! Hope you’re having a Super Sunday!

I had a great day yesterday- going to my handling class with my girlfriend, Gena. I’m starting to get the idea of this running around the ring thing. Now I just need to train My Enforcer to know what to do. Honestly, she’s a bit of a handicap for me. But I’ll keep her. For a while anyway.

Today I get to share some info from the world of dogs. I think we’ve talked about the internet sensation, Pluto before. Well. The world has ANOTHER canine internet star! Have you heard about Tika? She’s an Italian Greyhound from Canada- and she is taking the canine fashion world by storm. It seems she likes to model her more than 200 outfits- and she has real opinions on them. She was quite disappointed that because of COVID, she didn’t get to wear many of her ensembles. Here’s her story in a short news clip:

Holy moly’s ! I thought WE had lots of outfits. The Coyote didn’t like this story as he was afraid it would give My Enforcer ideas….

Let’s see. What else?

Oh! Oh! Remember we talked about the curfew in Quebec because of COVID. And we joked about renting dogs to walk after hours? We’ll get this – a couple was fined for going out after hours – because the wife was walking her husband on a leash!!!!! I think there are all kinds of things we could say about this – but My Enforcer said to just stick to the facts. Sometimes she’s just too politically correct. Come on! I’m a dog – I can get away with saying things. Let’s just hope he had better manners on a leash than we do – and he didn’t poop on anyone’s front lawn….

And lastly, today is a special lady’s birthday. The famous actress and huge animal lover, Betty White, turns 99 today!!!! Betty has owned many dogs in her life and she has been an advocate for Guide Dogs and has helped raise funds for canine cancer. Among many other things. There are lotsa videos of Betty and animals – but here’s a funny one with Jimmy Fallon from a few years ago:

Happy birthday young lady!

Well that’s it from me. Time to enjoy another great day!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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