Carpet lotto over

Hey blogees. Elroy here. Livin’ my laidback life – rolling the giant ball with the ripped cover, going for walks where I still love to stop and listen for ….anything, and finally passing on the title as “busy dog” to the Shark – who I swear must be foraging in the yard for some canine form of catnip. The guy is nuts. Sometimes I like to chase and play with him, but other times, I’d rather play patty cake with a porcupine. Seriously. Who would have EVER thought I would be the “calm dog.”

AND guess who officially began the fine art of rug crafting, not even a WEEK since the new carpet was put down? Yup. The Shark. And this guy, because he truly does things HIS way, did NOT begin by chewing on a corner. No. While Her Highness took her eyes off him for like 10 minutes, he flipped the carpet back and just began chewing from the reverse side in the middle of the rug- pulling as quickly as caninely possible, creating a bare patch on the good side of the carpet. So even IF Her Highness would have remembered to pick up Bitter Apple(cough cough), it wouldn’t have worked unless she sprayed the entire carpet – and not just the edges or corners. When she spotted him from the DFZ, she shouted “noooooooo.” He pulled faster. He left a bare patch about 6 x 2 inches.

He was immediately sequestered in his crate so she could survey the damage, and yours truly was sequestered in the hallway because I kept trying to sit on the area- partly to hide it and partly to get ear rubs. Only the Boss was able to stay and watch what happened next.

As some of you may recall. Her Highness is a hooker. No. Not THAT kind of hooker. The kind who makes rugs. Like the ones safely protected in the DFZ.

Or she hooks pillows – like this one you may remember of Viktor….

So after the latest rug carnage, she pulled out her hook and some scissors and got to work. She wishes she had taken a photo at the beginning- but she was too traumatized to take photos at first. But keep in mind the size I mentioned. Anyway, here it is showing part of the damage in the first two photos, and third showing the repair.

We canines watched in silence as she did her work. It is not perfect, and no doubt she will STILL try to fix it more- but as she said to a friend “Rug repaired. Dog’s life spared.” She was joking of course. At least I think she was. Of course she was. I’m still here after multiple carpet crafting experiences.

Yes. It feels good to enter into the role of “good dog.” It’s only taken 4 years. Mind you….I still wouldn’t leave the front door open because I’m still not sure I have outgrown that urge to go for a walk about. But at least I have passed along my carpet crafting hobby title. At least for now…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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