Prisoner #911

Howdy doody blogaroos. It’s me! Squirmy. Also known as prisoner #911. Yup. I’m learning how to enjoy the confines of my crate lately. In fact I think I should do some renovations in it. Maybe some paint…some pictures for the walls…

And why am I spending more time incarcerated than when I was a wee puppy? Ummmmm…. it may have to do with my speedy, razor sharp precision in rug crafting if My Enforcer takes her eyes off me for even TWO minutes. Yup. I’m helping her to perfect her hooking skills. Again. Actually….two more times. That’s what she gets if she talks on the phone and doesn’t pay attention to me. Call me the Ruginator. Plus, besides my rug crafting, my endearing love nibbles which can be more like all out flesh grabbing – have also placed me in solitary at least once. Or was it twice? My list of infractions keeps growing – so who can keep up?! And I’m just a puppy!! But I’m in those Terrible Twos. That’s my excuse.

My Enforcer said she is going to start her own You Tube channel for “How to repair puppy damages.” She’ll make a fortune. She’s got the rug thing down, she knows how to repair scratched decks, she can replace chewed chair pieces – she’s got this!! And I can star in it! I can’t WAIT!

And speaking of starring – My Enforcer did our annual dog calendar. She’s been doing one for herself since before I was born – and she also used to make one for her mother – who was too polite to say she would rather have the free calendar from the Dairy Farmers that comes in the local paper. It had recipes after all. But she took the dog calendar and proudly displayed it in the closet. Just kidding. I’m so funny. No – I hear it was in the kitchen.

Anyway, My Enforcer has been pokey doing things this season, so the calendar was not complete. But then a kind blog reader asked if we were doing a calendar spread again. So My Enforcer finished it yesterday. If you want something to hang in your closet – you can find it here. Next year she plans to add recipes.

I had my obedience class on Sunday night and I thought I was pretty good overall. Except for those sit and down stays that we did near the end of class. Yeah – stays are not my thing right now. Plus I think staying still is overrated.

Time to get the party rolling. My Enforcer slept in yesterday until 8:15!!!! Could have been partly due to the fact that she was up late mending the torn carpet. Good thing I’m cute as a button! I wonder if there are magazines that give you different ideas on how to decorate your crate…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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