Terrible Twos

I bet you can’t guess who it is?! Yup. Squirmy. Actually you can call me “famous Squirmy.” My windblown photo was featured on a CKC Instagram page the other day. And underneath my photo they put the caption “Does my hair look okay?” Then they wrote the following description about us PONs: “The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is noted for having a lively but tempered disposition. They’re vigilant, intelligent, perceptive and gifted with a good memory.”

Wow. How cool does that make us sound?! And I certainly agree with most of their descriptors. I’m lively. That’s for SURE. I just haven’t figured out the tempered part yet. Maybe it comes with age. I sure am vigilant. I guard against all forms of birds. And blowing leaves. Of course I’m intelligent – I learn new things in the blink of an eye! As long as there are treats involved. Perceptive for sure. I have figured out that if I’m called into the garage, it’s for grooming. And while I AM a good boy during grooming, the thought of having to lie on the table and not run around is kinda difficult. As I said earlier – I’m not tempered yet. Whatever that means. As for a good memory- if I find something gross and inedible while out on a walk, you can be sure I’ll check for it the next day. And the next. And the next…

And speaking of my lively, gregarious, uproarious personality- sometimes I must confess- I DO get a BIT over the top. My leaping, biting and ricocheting off My Enforcer has taken a noticeable uptick in incidence. So much so that My Enforcer turned to Mr Googly for help. And she found this article:


Yup. I have officially entered into the Terrible Twos of puppyhood. At 7 months of age. “Sit?” What does that mean? “Quiet?” Well let me explain why I need my voice to be heard. “Stop biting your brothers?” But they started it by looking at me while I was stepping on them when they were sleeping. “Don’t jump on company?” But it saves them from bending down to pet me. “No BITE?” I just wanted to taste that lovely perfume you are wearing. Yup. I have an answer for EVERYTHING. When My Enforcer tried to get my leash on the other morning, she finally gave up wrestling with me as I rolled around like a the giant ball with the ripped cover – and she dropped my leash and her gloves on the floor and walked away from me. Sweet! Gloves to chew on!!!! Not her brightest idea. Yup- if my behavior was ever considered wild before, I have entered into a new level of crazy.

The great news is that our classes are back on again! The Boss went to his last night. Apparently one week without class and he is back into his boredom barking if he isn’t doing something. And, My Enforcer, in an effort to keep him quiet has inadvertently been completely trained by him. First he will lie there and stare at her. If that doesn’t get him a treat in 20 seconds, he starts to wag his tail. If that still doesn’t get him a treat, then he barks. So he has trained My Enforcer to treat him whenever his tail wags – to avoid the next step which is the bark. She is doing brilliantly. I don’t know if that makes any sense but the bottom line – he is an outstanding trainer. He’s my hero.

Time to get this party rockin’! Have a fantastic Friday!!!!! I know I will! I always do!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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