Howdy do! Guess who?! Yup – it’s me Squirmy for your Wonderful Wednesday reading! I’m not even sure where Terrific Tuesday went! It kind of blends in with Marvelous Monday! Every day is a good day in my view! Even when it’s raining- like it did most of yesterday. But that’s OK. I just got to bug …I mean play with everybody inside instead of outside!

My Enforcer was trying to do a bunch of stuff on her computer yesterday. She also had a LONG talk with her friend in Texas. Nobody can EVER look at me and say I speak too much. She’s got me beat paws down.

She also wanted to write an email- but we were getting just a little bored with all her talking and all her computer work. So yours truly does one of two things when I’m bored. I bark at her. OR I keep squeaking one of my rubber toys until everybody is covering their ears. I won the pest test.

So she looked at the three of us and said “Game Time!!!!!!” She loaded her pockets with treats and announced “ Let’s play the STAY game.” The Boss suddenly got less than enthused. But I didn’t know why. I mean I heard “game” so I figured it had to be fun. But even the Coyote didn’t look impressed. Anyway, My Enforcer lined us all up and said “Sit. Stay.” She then went to the microwave and set the timer for 30 seconds. We all sat and stared at her. Seriously? What kind of game was THIS? Anyway when the timer went off in what seemed like an hour, we each got a treat. She then told us to “Down. Stay.” And this time she set the timer for a little longer. AND she proceeded to write that email. The timer went off – and more treats. She alternated to a sit again and then another down with slightly longer times. That’s when I finally realized that calling this a “game” was kind of a trick. Who knew My Enforcer could be tricky?! She realized after a few minutes (and after a good part of her email was written), that we game players were starting to look restless. So she tried a new game. She told all of us to come in the hallway and sit. By this point the Coyote was starting to rebel so while the Boss and I were facing the same direction, he insisted in sitting the opposite direction. Yup – he plays games by his own rules. He’s so cool. Anyway, My Enforcer told us to wait, she went in the other room and then called all our names and said “come.” I won the race. Every time. I liked that game.

So that was the most exciting part of our day yesterday. Oh. Oh. I forgot to tell you what My Enforcer did the other day!!! She took out the ratty, corner-chewed carpet in the dining room – and put down that new carpet she bought in like March. It looks exactly like the old one. But the corners are intact. We’re getting a lotto license so we can sell tickets where you can bet how long it is before somebody chews a corner!!! I heard My Enforcer say something about going to buy some “Bitter Apple” today. Sounds yummy.

Hey did you hear the news about the President-elect in the US? He hurt his foot. Guess how? Playing with his dog, Major. I’m SURE it wasn’t Major’s fault. Two leggeds are just too clutzy sometimes. Like that day two weeks ago when My Enforcer was trying to get me to go in the house after I had run myself silly in the backyard. Anyway, part of our yard is sloped and somehow when she took me by the collar, I hit the deck, she stepped forward and then ended up doing THE best somersault I have ever seen. Her feet went right up in the air! Whoo hoo it was a sight. And of course I just jumped on her to be sure she was OK! Unfortunately there were no Secret Service agents to pick her up. Don’t worry – she was FINE. I figured it was just an old gymnastics move. Although the Boss told me she never was a gymnast…

OKeedokee. Time to go walking. And see what new adventures I can have today!!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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