Duct tape

Kindest regards blog readers. Frodo here for your reading pleasure on this Cyber Monday. The day when two leggeds search for “bargains” on the internet like a PON searching for a treat accidentally dropped in the lawn.

A quick search of the net revealed that there are indeed, dog bargains to be found. This site listed a variety of gifts – but frankly, I don’t see anything to put on MY Christmas list.


For example, the gift of matching attire (# 14) for us canines and Her Highness is…scary. Simply frightening. While I realize there are readers who would delight in seeing photos of the four of us decked out in matching wardrobes, personally I would rather wear antlers. And that’s saying a lot.

I had some interest in the dinosaur chew toy (# 8) because who doesn’t enjoy chomping on a tyrannosaurus? But do I NEED one? I think not.

We do not need another bed or collapsible crate. We have both. Mind you, our crate, due to an overly exuberant canine who chewed a support beam, collapses when it is not supposed to. Her Highness DID do some “home crate repair” on her own – and it does stay upright so long as you don’t lean on it.

And speaking of home repairs and cyber Monday – I know EXACTLY what Her Highness should be searching for. Duct tape. Why duct tape you are no doubt asking? Because she used almost a roll in an unsuccessful attempt to repair something. To tell the tale makes her appear less than bright – but we love her just the same…

You may recall the LARGE inflatable ball that the Beatnik and the Shark like to chase aimlessly around the yard. Well, the ball has a cover – to probably protect the rubber ball from puncture. However, the cover has become a target for grabbing and tugging. And of course, when two active canines are grabbing and tugging at fabric, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what will happen. The fabric will rip. Which was the fate of our ball cover.

Now. IF Her Highness approached this problem thoughtfully and took her TIME to repair it properly, she would have deflated the ball, removed the cover, dug out her sewing machine from the depths of the basement, searched the internet to remember how to thread the machine, sewed the cover, inserted the ball and used the bicycle pump to reinflate the ball. Huffing and puffing as she did so. But no. She didn’t do that. No. Her Brilliance used duct tape. Lots and lots and LOTS of duct tape.

She proudly emerged from the garage with the now almost silver orb. The Beatnik could not WAIT to play with what looked like a new toy. Meanwhile, the Shark and I played fetch with Her Brilliance….er I mean Her Highness, while the Beatnik ran around us.

I don’t believe it was 5 minutes before the Beatnik was attempting to remove the sticky duct tape. A shout by Her Highness as he whizzed past her with duct tape flailing, was futile. Pieces came off in chunks, littering the yard, or sticking to the Beatniks coat. At which point the Shark joined in – becoming another duct tape magnet. Now Her Highness not only had a ripped cover (again) but she had two dogs sporting duct tape on their legs, faces and bodies. I just watched in amusement. Her Highness, who could NOT catch the crazed canines announced “time to go in.” But not before the frenzied silver duo removed the remaining pieces of tape. Her Highness picked up the littered lawn and marched up the steps to the deck with spotted silver dogs following. Even the next day, the Shark came in chewing on a piece he found.

So today the ball stands in the yard- with fabric hanging off and pieces missing entirely because of the duct tape. I wonder if there are any ball covers for sale on the internet on this Cyber Monday? Excuse me while I go and look. And we do also need duct tape….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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