My vet visit.

Who’s a good boy? Why ME! Squirmy! I went to the vet yesterday- and I was a star patient which is unlike my first visit. When My Enforcer was kinda devastated….

We never actually told this story. And you guys know we share pretty much everything from our devilish behavior to our poop quality. Yup. We all know that PQ is a very common topic among dog people – with you two leggeds always hoping for P3. Picture Perfect Poop. But that’s not our topic today. Nope- we’ll tell you what happened the first time I went to the vet.

It was after my 14 days in quarantine. I had to go to get my next set of shots. But it was during lockdown – so My Enforcer couldn’t go in with me. So. The vet came out to get me. She gathered me up in her arms and the last vision My Enforcer remembers was me going into the clinic, licking the vet on the face.

When I came out, I was walking on my leash and the vet looked VERY serious. She said we had a little “incident”. And I’m not talking about peeing on the floor. See – when I went in the office, I suddenly realized My Enforcer wasn’t there. And I got scared in this new place with strangers. So when one of the techs bent over me and tried to pet me – well what’s a guy supposed to do when scared?! OK – maybe not SUPPOSED to do – but it was a spontaneous reaction. Um. I tried to snap at her! Yup. I did my Shark routine. AND I wouldn’t let the vet examine me. Sooooooo. They put a muzzle on me!! IMAGINE how impressed I was. Not. So when the vet handed me over to My Enforcer, she said I had a bit of a problem – and I could be a handful. Well you almost had to pick up My Enforcer’s jaw from the parking lot. She was shocked.

Fast forward to yesterday. I hadn’t been back to the vet since that initial visit. So My Enforcer got all weird and nervous about going back yesterday. And she kept trying to be calm because she knew if I knew that she was nervous, I would be nervous too. Does that make sense? Anyway when we got there a half hour early because My Enforcer got the time wrong, I went out to have a little pee. And I met one of the ladies who works in the clinic. My Enforcer gave her some yummy treats and she shared them with me. She instantly became my best friend. It was at that point that My Enforcer’s blood pressure began to go down. I was totally chill. And in fact, when the vet came out, I went right over to her. I happily took the treats she had and marched into the exam room like I owned the place. Once inside, not only did I take more treats, I even kissed the vet on the face. I let her examine me all over. With no attempt to bite her AT all. My Enforcer was soooooo happy.

So that was the good news. The bad news- ALL of my classes have been canceled because of the COVID. I suppose we COULD and SHOULD do homework so that when they start up again we’ll be all ready. Nah. We’ll cram. Besides- I did enough hard work yesterday behaving at the Vet.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “My vet visit.

  1. Hi Wojtek aka Squirmy…
    Your first visit at the vets was as good as Nutmeg’s, when he needed a shot. He literally went for the young girl vet. I bet he sensed that she was scared of him and too had to be muzzled. But as you said – what is a boy to do when he is scared?? I hope you gave Linda, sorry Enforcer a lovely lick when you came out. Nutmeg always does.
    And can I say you are SO lucky to have two brothers to show you the ropes.
    Our classes have been postponed too, but we are starting them back in December.
    Jusr try to behave in the meantime
    A nice belly rub from me and friendly licks from Nutmeg.👅👅🐾🐾


  2. Oh, that makes me so happy because i know how worried the enforcer was after your first visit. I’m very proud of you. You see, your enforcer is just trying to keep you nice and healthy so you just have to get used to a little inconvenience on e in a while!


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