Being thankful

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. With my tiny turkey friend, Tomasz. That’s the Polish version of Thomas. I think all turkeys are called Tom.

Today in the US, lots of turkeys will be eaten. Because it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US. We had our Thanksgiving here in Canada in October. Now it’s time for my American friends and family to celebrate.

My turkey, Tomasz, was not the edible kind. Although it’s not that I didn’t try to eat him during my photo shoot….

Now I know that this year, you might not be having the big bird with lots of people to celebrate with. The COVID has put a damper on many plans this year. Maybe this year you’ll have a chicken instead. Or even some chicken nuggets. Personally, I’d be happy with ANY of them.

It’s hard this year for many people that traditions have to be broken. Aunt Sophie might not be able to bring over her vegetable jello mold. Maybe you won’t actually miss that one…

But even though things all around the world are different because of the COVID, if you think really hard there are still many things to be thankful for. I’m kinda stealing from another quote, but I don’t think of my food bowl as being half full or half empty – I’m just glad I have a bowl!

And like even if you break the squeaker in your toy – you still have the toy! Plus everybody else is happy you can’t squeak incessantly any more! So they’re thankful too.

I’m thankful for leashes because even though I like to be FREE, they keep me safe and I can go all kinds of places with them.

The Boss might look at grooming tools as instruments of torture – but they keep him from getting all tangled and matted. It’s all in how you look at something. Kind of like a mirror. If you look in all cranky and mad that’s what you get back. But trying to look at things from different angles, can really make you realize how much you do have to be thankful for. Even the COVID – which is not a good thing, has made us thankful for the freedoms we often take for granted. Yup. Most things can have a silver lining – if you look really hard. Even if you have to squint.

I’m thankful with our current state of lockdown that My Enforcer can’t go anywhere! She’s with us all the time. Super bonus. And she’s thankful that we don’t have any super close neighbors who can see her with her disheveled hair and dog hair covered sweat pants. She wouldn’t win any beauty pageants – but we don’t care one bit.

So I hope today, wherever you are, that you can, in these tricky times, still find things to be thankful for. And if you are owned by a dog – you have one already!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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