My weekend. By Squirmy.

It’s Squirmy here – to brighten your day and make you grateful that you don’t live in our house! Yes – it’s really as crazy as we say! In fact, just the other day after I ran in circles, jumped over The Boss and ricocheted off the kitchen cabinets, My Enforcer looked right at me while I was panting with my tongue hanging out and said “YOU have a screw loose.” Whatever that means. So get a screwdriver and fix me!

What’s new here? Oh. Oh I know. Guess what I did with the Boss the other morning? You give up? I went for an EARLY morning walk with him on the golf course! But before we even got out of the driveway, My Enforcer thought about aborting the journey when I leapt on the Boss and got all tangled in both his leash and my own. And when My Enforcer would try to untangle me, I would do my snapping turtle routine. Now it’s not a nasty snap. It’s just a wild snap. She seriously thought about turning around and going back to the house, but she decided to give it a try. The Boss likes to walk ahead of me which means I pull to keep up. Great fun – knowing I’m strengthening My Enforcer’s bicep muscles. When we got to the course, nobody was around because it was so early – so My Enforcer let the Boss off his leash. He’s obedient. He stays close. He stays on the cart path. Probably because he doesn’t want to get his feet wet in the dewy grass. Anyway, I was pulling my way along, when My Enforcer announced “Let’s see what happens.” And she let me off my leash!!!!! Well. Just imagine my shock. Freedom. Picture me running in slow motion across the open fairways with the music from “Born Free” playing in the background. If you don’t remember that movie, Google it. It’s ancient. Like my Enforcer.

But back to my freedom. I had a blast. And guess what? You give up. I came back EVERY TIME I was called. I knew My Enforcer had treats – so of COURSE I would come back! And when she started to run low, she put me back on my leash. She figured it was safe to let me loose with The Boss because he doesn’t run away. He’s a good role model. Most of the time. Except for his incessant barking. Because now I do that too.

I had my obedience class on Sunday night. It was just me and one other dog. And that dog was new. So GUESS who got to be the demo dog for the new dog. Yup – ME! Can you IMAGINE?! The dog who ricochets off furniture, other dogs and humans got to be the OBEDIENCE example?!!!! The woman the dog owned watched me heeling and said “he never takes his eyes of you! He’s so good!” The “you” being My Enforcer. My Enforcer just smiled and said “thank you.” She neglected to mention that I hadn’t had my supper yet and her pockets were LOADED with treats. Heck I probably would have heeled equally well for that woman if her pockets were loaded up. We did some new stuff like jumping over a bar. Don’t worry. It was only 6 inches off the ground. No challenge for me- I’ve cleared The Boss and he’s about 18 inches. Anyway, I had a great time!

Yesterday it rained most of the day and My Enforcer didn’t go anywhere. Apparently our “COVID bubble” has a hole in it – so two leggeds are supposed to stay home. I remember when we dogs had Canine COVID- aka Kennel Cough- we couldn’t go ANYWHERE. Thank GOODNESS My Enforcer bought our dog food on the weekend. We better not run out. Good thing I’ve already learned her Amazon password. In case I need to order food on-line. The Boss told me it.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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