Time out

Hey hey hey!!!! It’s me- Squirmy Wormy! Here to share another episode of “Wild Kingdom: the next Generation.” Anybody remember that show? Wild Kingdom? My Enforcer does – and she’s older than the mummies – so it must have been a long time ago.

So guess what I learned about yesterday. Or maybe I already knew it – but I chose to forget it. Time Out. That’s when you put a dog in isolation, to “take a break.” And the isolation was my crate. And why was I imprisoned? Well…. it seems that since I hit the age of 6 (almost 7 months) I have become a bit….what’s the word….unruly. Extra wild. Wild with crazy mixed in. Like a two year old child who needs a nap, but just ate a bowl of ice cream. With chocolate sauce. And marshmallows. And a tablespoon of sugar thrown on top just for “fun.”

Here’s an example. Yesterday, after I got all fluffed up to go to another “handling” class, I refused to let My Enforcer put a collar over my head. As soon as she would try to put it over my head, I hit the deck. And I rolled. And I would “bite” her if she tried to get me to stay upright. I was rolling with my feet in the air and my jaws biting the air like a snapping turtle under attack. She tried REPEATEDLY to get that thing over my head. She tried my sit command. And I would for .06 seconds and then would drop and roll. Like a fire drill. After 10 minutes of chasing me and battling my teeth, My Enforcer lifted me up and tossed me in my pony sized crate. For my “time out.” Well that was all well and good because I was contrite and quiet. But as soon as she opened that door, my wild alter-ego emerged and it was drop and roll again. SOMEHOW she did manage to get my collar on and loaded me into the vehicle to go to my class. We met up with my friends Wendy (two legged) and Gena (my German Shepherd girlfriend ) and drove together to class. My Enforcer had visions of a total gong show – and in the beginning of class I was….ummmm….a bit wild. Actually at one point after I ran her around the ring, I heard my Enforcer say to Wendy- “OH MY. We’ve only been here 20 minutes. Will this class ever be over?!” But not to worry – I did settle down in the next 40 minutes. A bit anyway.

I met some new two leggeds after class – including Cindy. Who I LOVED. I mean I’m not one to fall in love fast, but I was giving her kisses SO fast – it was a novel kissing record. I even kissed her without treats!

I was good on the way home. And then, when I got home I fell fast asleep. My Enforcer loves that about classes. It’s better than the sedatives she gives me. JUST KIDDING!!! Mind you- SHE has a glass of wine when we get home – which is her sedative.

Today is Sunday. A day of rest. Unless you are owned by a 6 almost 7 month old puppy!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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