Christmas songs

Howdy blogees. Elroy here. Hope you’ve had a good week, and yippee for you. It’s Friday. But in our house, every day is Friday.

Well it’s beginning to look like the Christmas explosion will soon be happening in our happy home. That time of year when all the strange things appear around our house- Santas, elves, a bunch of Baby Jesuses, and a tree we are not allowed to pee on. And heaven help us – we saw a big bag from the Dollar store – and I thought I heard Her Highness talking about “new antlers.” Is it any wonder I try to run away from home when I get the chance?!

Oh hey – to prepare for the season, it seems some brilliant minds decided that we dogs needed our own Christmas song. Guess they must have been too young to remember the barking dogs Jingle Bell song. It’s a classic. Let me remind you:

So there is a brand new dog song. This one was recorded at the Abbey Road studio that the Beatles used. Trust me – this isn’t Beatles material. Apparently, the two leggeds who recorded it did research first about what we dogs like to listen to. They had a group of 25 dogs listen to over 500 sounds to see what we liked. And they used the favorite sounds in the recording.

So you KNOW Her Highness had to test it out on us. She set up her iPad on a chair – with other chairs around it so we couldn’t knock it off or step on it. She even videotaped the big reveal. And we would have shared it here, but frankly, our response was so underwhelming, we didn’t bother. The Shark was the only one who responded in the first 10 seconds of the video – and then he walked away. Neither The Boss nor I even bothered to walk over to see it. Maybe you’ll enjoy it more than we did. Apparently some dogs even “sit” when they hear the words in the song. Not here.

The Boss had another Masters class last night. I hope Her Highness changed the treat rewards this week. Last week, the day after his class, his farts were enough to cause an explosion if there had been any candles burning. They were deadly. And you know if another dog finds them offensive, they must have been bad.

Time for our morning walks. No rain in the forecast- so our walks should be good and long. Have to help Her Highness get rid of those extra Halloween candy pounds. From 2010.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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