I’m part mouse!

Howdy doody do blogaroos. It’s Squirmy Wormy PONdini here. Reporting my latest exploits and adventures. And boy I have a couple.

But first, a word about the Boss. So. He had his second Masters class last night. Remember how good he was the first night? Well we can sum up that initial good behavior in one word. Novelty. So last night wasn’t so novel. So he wasn’t QUITE as well behaved. Now it’s not that he was bad when he had to work. He did fine with that. It’s the down time while he’s waiting his turn to practice, that he started… well… being Frodo. What does Frodo do when he wants something? Or he is bored? He barks. So if he was waiting too long- he just looked at My Enforcer and barked. Usually once. Then if he didn’t get anything, he would bark again. In order to keep him quiet, My Enforcer kept rewarding him if he was silent. So they had a pattern going. He would bark. She would say “quiet”. He would be quiet. She would reward. He would bark. She would say “quiet”. She would try to stretch out the reward. But would feed him again. He would bark….You get the routine here. So that went on the whole class.

Oh – and I forgot what happened BEFORE they even got to class. The Boss hates crates. So last week on the way to and from class he panted and squeaked in the crate all the time. So. My Enforcer figured this time she would let him stay in the area behind the crate in the back of the vehicle. Didn’t matter. He still panted and squeaked. And then he tried to wedge himself between the crate and the back door. I think in an effort to stand and breathe on My Enforcer’s neck and to watch her driving. Well that was bad enough, but suddenly My Enforcer heard this buzzzzz sound. The back window going down. The Boss opened it himself. She panicked as she envisioned him jumping out. But thankfully, after riding for 30 seconds with his head out, he stepped back in and she quickly shut the window. And put on the safety lock. Needless to say he rode in the crate in the way home.

So all in all, an exciting evening. He was tired when he got home. And so was she.

But back to me. I met another new girlfriend yesterday. Gena is a German Shepherd who owns our friend and dog sitter, Wendy. So Gena and I met up (with the two leggeds) and went for an almost 2 hour walk!!!!! And I was good!! I was well mannered. And I learned that I didn’t need to worry if there were runners or bikers or people pushing strollers on the trail. Here’s me and my new girlfriend. I think I now have a harem.

We had a good time and I hope we go on another date soon!

Lastly, I have a question. Well maybe it’s more a fact. You know how mice can squish their bodies to get through even the smallest cracks? Well guess what! I must be part mouse!!! Last night when My Enforcer came back from class with The Boss, I was in my crate. The one that has three latches that you push down to secure the door. The one that also has a carabiner on it. In case I lift the three latches. Well. Before letting me out of my cell, My Enforcer went in the garage to fill our food bowls because we hadn’t had supper. Imagine her surprise when she came out and found me out of my crate!!! Here’s the space I got through.

That space is 2 inches wide. Yes. Two inches. Holy moly it wasn’t easy to push my way through. Yup. I’m part mouse.

My Enforcer said she needs more carabiners….

So that’s the scoop here. Oh- and the Coyote went to the express lane at the vet, and his butt is all hunky dory do again. He’s a happy camper. Thank goodness. Nobody wants to have a pain in the butt. Besides – he has me!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up . Stay safe.

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