Anybody awake out there? It’s Squirmy here. It was a LONG day yesterday. We were watching TV until early this morning. Well – we weren’t really watching – let’s face it- there were no dogs or animals on the shows My Enforcer was watching last night- so it was kinda boring for us canines. All I know is there was some big political thingy going on- and it was a big deal. Even more political than figure skating or dog shows!!!! That’s a joke. Kind of. I’ve never skated or been to a dog show – so what do I know.

Anyway – my preference for the thing yesterday was simple. Pick the guy who has a dog. I’m honestly not sure why they didn’t use that as a campaign strategy. Really. Know how many dog owners there are out there? Like dozens and dozens. Anyway, one guy has a dog- and the other guy doesn’t. That’s my pick. Although I heard the other guy has a pet fly….

After all that watching, the results are still not known! They need counters who work as fast as we PONs eat. We’re too bored to watch this for days. But whatever the result, let’s hope two leggeds can act like dogs when this is over – be happy, live for today, appreciate the little things in life (like food in your bowl, a roof over your head and toys to play with), and don’t dwell on something bad for too long. The bottom line – we may not all like the same kibble – but we all need to eat . So get on with things. Mind you, I’m a dog so it’s easy for me to say….

In other news – GUESS what happened here yesterday. OK- you give up. We had SNOW! Our very first unexpected snow. The weather people kept it a big surprise so there were all kinds of accidents and traffic jams. Not that we had to go anywhere. But still.

I didn’t quite know what to make of it – but within 3.67 seconds I decided I loved it! I raced around and the Coyote chased and chased me. We had a ball. Good thing My Enforcer mowed the lawn the other day. And mulched up those leaves. The good news after that was that we were no longer tracking big leaves into the house. Before the mowing, our dining room and kitchen looked like there was a tree inside the house. After the mowing, no more big leaves. Now we just tracked in 2,000,000 little tiny leaf pieces. So much better.

But with the snow we just tracked in snow balls. Here’s a quick clip of me and the Coyote playing…

It was a winter wonderland. Inside and out. And today it will likely disappear.

So it’s time to get moving. Don’t worry too much about those politicos. Remember every minute you worry – you can’t get that back. Play fetch with your dog instead. Everything WILL work out. I don’t think any party has plans to ban dog ownership – so things will be fine. We’ll still be here.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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