Weekend recap

Guess who?!! It’s me! Squirmy!!!! Here to brighten your Monday after a busy boo weekend.

Well we only had three very cute kids come to our door for treats on Saturday night. They live across the road from us. They were super cute – and we wanted desperately to say hello as we threw ourselves against the French door to the hallway. One little guy wanted to pet us- but given that The Boss and I would likely bark at him and the Coyote would try to give him kisses- no doubt resulting in a downed child – My Enforcer said we were a bit too excited to say hello. That was an understatement. But like I said – they were adorable and very nice. Thank goodness they came by. Now My Enforcer only needs to eat the other 297 bags of treats that she bought. The Boss explained that this is actually a good thing – because we get more walks after the results of eating those treats end up on her hips.

Yesterday morning we got up at our regular time. Who knew we were an hour early? OK. My Enforcer tried to explain it – but we didn’t really care to listen. Besides – it was a crisp, sunny day. Might as well take advantage of it! Carpe Diem! Whatever that means.

After our walks, we ran in the yard until our tongues hit the ground. My Enforcer has to monitor all our moves so there’s not too much Humpty Dumpty going on. The Coyote is kinda obsessed with me. And my feet. Go figure. So when things get too wild, My Enforcer breaks things up. We played. She refereed. We went down to the lake. We played. After hours of activity, My Enforcer came in the house to look at the clock. She figured it must be around 2:00. It was 10:30. Yup. We keep her hoppin’.

Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you about The Boss’s return to academia the other night. He went back to work on his Rally Masters degree. My Enforcer was a bit concerned because it’s been YEARS since he has gone to a class. Well I guess it’s true that we PONs never forget. I guess he did really well! My Enforcer was SO pleased!

Today The Coyote is going to the vet for a little visit. Something about his poop glands. I thought My Enforcer could take him to the grocery store to have it take care of. I mean they have an express lane. My Enforcer said no. He needs to go to the vet. Better him than me.

OK. Time to get this house shakin’. Good thing they have me around here to get things movin’!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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