Happy Halloween

Howdy doody spookaroos. It’s Squirmy!!!!! I’m here celebrating my very first Halloween! I understand that usually humans give out treats to kids who get dressed up in costumes and who come to your door. This year I heard that the best treats are hand sanitizer and disposable masks! Anyway, My Enforcer said we usually don’t get many kids – although she bought enough treats for 300. And she’s already been eating them herself! The Boss said it happens every year.

Well I found out why the guys don’t like those Dollar Store bags. But guess what?! It turns out I like to dress up! A little anyway. So My Enforcer did get some good individual shots of us. Like these:

But you’ll note there was no head gear. I actually was OK with head gear. BUT it didn’t always work out . Like these sparkly cat ear things. You couldn’t even see them on my head.

I didn’t mind these weird things…

And we could even get a shot with two of us…

But everything falls apart when we try THREE of us. First of all, the Coyote has no interest whatsoever in wearing head gear. He really doesn’t love photos in general. It’s super tricky because if My Enforcer makes weird sounds or throws something to get The Coyote’s ears up- well I can’t possibly just SIT there. This is a sampling of the indignant Coyote and wild me…

In this one, I decided to stick out my tongue for fun. Look how much fun the Coyote is having!

Here The Coyote and I spot some fuzz on the floor.

Here is one where I’m thinking of doing something else, the Coyote continues to look miserable, and the Boss…of course he cooperates.

And then we have the wardrobe malfunctions…

This is probably the best one. Although the Coyote has no ears. Must be a way to put some on him…

If you take away the head gear, the Coyote is marginally more happy…In this one, he refused to lie down. He looks like he lost his best friend…

This one is a little better…

Another alternative is to take us outdoors. The goal was to get us in photos with pumpkins. Well. As you might imagine, this can also be a gong show. Here we are just wearing festive collars. Putting those on was a challenge in itself. That would have made a great video….Here The Coyote and I think we see a squirrel. Or a bird. Or a leaf blowing in the wind. Note the Boss.

Here the Coyote and I discuss an escape plan…Note the Boss.

This one is pretty good…After 629 shots.

But we really liked this one because even the Coyote looks kinda happy!

So 1,387 weird sounds and repetitions of our names, 3 lbs of liver treats, and probably 1 bottle of wine later, we made it through our Halloween photo shoots.

Now I heard something about reindeer antlers in a few weeks…. so we’ll have to see what THAT’S all about. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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