Humpty Dumpty

Hello readers! Remember me? It’s Elroy-whose role as the “wild child” in the household has now been taken over by the Shaggy Shark. As you may recall, when he first arrived I thought he was the best thing since sheep. Then we went through the needle teeth period – and the post exuberance injury period when I wasn’t so sure I liked him after all.

Now I am pleased to announce that we have entered into a new period. The “I think you’re REALLY cool” period- so cool that we are also calling this the Humpty Dumpty period. And well, when I get a little TOO serious about my Humpty moves, Her Highness puts a stop to my antics. At 4 years old one would THINK that my coming-of-age Humpty hormone surge might have already occurred. Mind you, it’s not like I haven’t attempted this move with The Boss. But he protests – loudly. So I quit. However, the Shark is all up for a game. So Her Highness intervenes. Come on – we’re just playing.

And speaking of the Shark – he had a “date” yesterday too!! Just like yours truly and my gal, Willow, he met a girl of the same breed. Not to worry – no hanky panky Humpty Dumpty moves went on there either – he’s still too young. Way too young. But he met a PON girlfriend, named Pola. Pola owns the humans who created Frodo and Viktor! She’s a little older than the Shark. When they first met- she told him to bug off. I think she was playing hard to get. The Shark was a little taken aback and showed her his pearly whites. Anyway, within 20 minutes they were good friends. He put on his best manners (hard to believe) and was pretty well behaved. They plan to get together again sometime – for more play. Thanks to his human for the photos!

Tonight The Boss goes for his first class in Rally Masters. Which means that The Shark and I will be left at home. Wonder if I can help break him out of his crate…. Now wouldn’t THAT be a surprise when Her Highness gets home….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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