Greetings blog readers. It is Frodo – the best behaved dog in the household. In all truthfulness, my competition is currently fairly easy to beat. I mean we have a dog who, at 4 years old, often does not even respond to his own name- so much so that Her Highness actually said perhaps we should just call him something else and start anew. Perhaps he doesn’t like the name Elroy. Mind you, it does suit him. I don’t actually believe his unwillingness to respond has anything to do with his disdain for his own moniker. I just think he just prefers to do his own thing. In his own time. Actually, I think it’s in Picard time.

My other competitor is rather smart, but has the attention span of an infant gnat. And his flying behavior leaves much to be desired, especially if one unprepared for the plane landing. Despite his rather boisterous attitude about life in general, he reportedly did well at his second obedience class. At least he wasn’t dismissed on Day 2.

And speaking of classes, guess who else is returning to academia. Yes, yours truly has decided to dust off the dumbbell and come out of retirement. I’m not certain I will do formal obedience, but we we will give Rally a try. Since I retired from the Rally world, they have added another level of competition called Masters. The tasks required at this level are more challenging, and it will require some studying on Her Highness’s part. You see it all began because while she was practicing homework with the imp, yours truly wanted VERY much to be involved. So we will give it a try. My first class is Thursday. Let’s see if I can remember what the word “heel” means…

In other earth shattering news, the imp went on another mini road trip – and this time went with another dog – a Sheltie by the name of Tup. Short for Tuppence I believe. The two reportedly got along quite well and they plan to do future walks together.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the flying PON can now single pawedly jump onto the grooming table completely unassisted. I have never been that excited to be groomed – so it is not a trick you will ever catch me performing. Her Highness has begun to try out the new grooming products which arrived last week. And unfortunately, she also decided to try them on yours truly as well. In fact – I had a complete bath totally unexpectedly yesterday. I believe it was a combination or trying products and the fact that because I will be attending school again, I must look somewhat presentable. Yawn.

Today we have rain in the forecast. At least through our morning walk. After all I had to go through with my bath and grooming- I think it’s critical that my walk be cut very very short. I mean who would want to ruin my wonderful coiffure? I must be clear in my protest. Either that – or hide…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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