A Squirmy Day

Happy Sunday blogaroos. It’s me Squirmy again! Because I have to tell you all about my latest adventure!!! My Enforcer and I went on a little road trip. It was supposed to be just a trip to the pet store – but it was a super sunny warm day, so we decided to hit the road. Well, I didn’t decide. She was driving. So I guess she made the plan and I literally went along for the ride.

First stop was actually a little hiking trail. I was kind of wild and it’s clear to My Enforcer that I need more training to walk nicely on a leash. Bla bla. Anyway, we walked – well I pulled and she tried to keep up with me – and I explored all the new scents. Then of course we had to take the obligatory photos to prove I was there. With my shark leash and collar. I probably would have scared people away wearing that attire – but we didn’t run into a single person, dog or bear.

Next stop- a pet store. I actually stayed in the car for this. So much for socializing. Anyway, she emerged with a BIG bag of stuff. There were some yummy treats, and she did say something about Christmas gifts. She thinks I wasn’t listening, but I heard her loud and clear. Gotta find that bag.

Next stop was a town called Lunenburg. It’s an old fishing town and home to the famous Bluenose. For those who don’t know, I’m not referring to cold temperatures and frozen faces. Yet. I’m referring to a famous schooner that’s on the Canadian dime. It was built in 1921 and sailed in lots of races. Until it sunk. Then the province built another one and its kind of a Canadian icon and ambassador. And speaking of the Bluenose – did you know that Nova Scotians are sometimes referred to as Bluenosers? In fact, the name came BEFORE the schooner got its name. There are several stories about the origin of the name – but the one I like best is the fact that back in the olden days, fishermen would wear thick woolie mittens out at sea. And sometimes, the mittens were dyed blue – just to add some color to their wardrobe, I guess. Anyway, when they would be out on the cold seas in the winter, they would wipe their running noses with their mitts – leaving a blue dye mark. So they really were blue nosers!!!

So that’s your Squirmy history moment. Anyway, I went down to the pier where the Bluenose hangs out when it isn’t being an ambassador. But it wasn’t there.

It was my first time on a pier, and all was going great. I was looking around. Enjoying the breeze. Looking at the water. It was an enjoyable experience.

But then, when we went to leave the pier, something unexpected happened. Now I had passed people on the pier. No big deal. In fact My Enforcer had to keep me from going over to people – I wanted to say hello. But what I had not expected was a strange four wheeled vehicle with a small two legged on board. A stroller with a kid. Well. You’d think I was shown a scene of Frodo eating the very last morsels in the dog food bag. I mean I was horrified. Clearly I need to get out more. I put on my brakes and would not move. Even the yummiest treats in my face would not get me to move. My Enforcer envisioned me slipping my collar – which is not loose- but she was still worried. She worried either that would happen – or we were both going for a swim in the ocean. And what did the man with the stroller do? He stopped right by us. Even though it was pretty clear I wanted nothing to do with that strange device and miniature human. My Enforcer explained I was just a puppy. I’m still not sure how we managed to get off that pier – it’s a blur now. I think it involved some dragging and pushing – but I made it out alive. And then I happily marched down the street.

I posed for another shot at a gazebo. I’m starting to get this whole picture taking thing. Sit still for two clicks and then you get a treat. Easy peasy.

After all that we went home. And I was exhausted. For about an hour. Then I was raring to go.

Yesterday My Enforcer went to some kind of seminar about dog obedience and rally competitions. Dogs weren’t involved. Go figure. I hear it was all about some new “rules”. No dogs in this house are interested in rules, so probably just as well we didn’t go.

Tonight I head back to my obedience class. I did my homework but as many of you humans owned by dogs know, whether I will remember what I practiced at home will be another story at class. I call it performance anxiety. Actually, The Boss calls it that – I just stole his words. What do I know – I’ve only been to one class.

Hope you have a happy Sunday!!! I know I will.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “A Squirmy Day

  1. Oh my word all of my PONs when they see something that they have never seen before, sit, watch won’t move until they think ok I know what’s happening now. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes before they move, can’t drag them, entice them until they want to move. You have my sympathy xx

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