Howdy doody do. It’s me everybody!!!!! Squirmy!!!!! Ready to bounce, fly, tug, bark, chase, harass, and eat my way through another day! Life is good!!!

So….I am discovering a variety of ways to get attention lately. Admittedly, the attention is not always positive! Like when I bark incessantly when My Enforcer is on the phone. She’s caught on to the fact that when I bark and she gives me something to keep me quiet, she is kind of rewarding me for bad behavior. But what can you do when you’re on a call like with the doctor or the bank or the phone company and a poor little dog keeps barking? (That would be me.) Why you throw some kibble on the floor to keep him busy. For at least 48 seconds. It drives her crazy but I look at her with my adorable eyes when she’s all done and she forgets what a pest I can be.

Meanwhile, I have a way to drive the Coyote crazy too. I have a couple of squeak toys. And it drives him totally bonkers when I go up to him with one of those toys and I stand there and look at him and just keep squeaking the toy. I mean repeatedly. Over. And over and over and over. Until he can’t take it any more and he starts barking at me. I do that to him at least once a day. My Enforcer even audiotaped me – but we decided not to include the sound – because it would probably drive your dogs nuts too.

The Boss is pretty tolerant about most of my actions- but if I try to lick his face too much, he does say “enough!” I listen to him most of all.

What else is new? Oh yes! My Enforcer tried to take some photos of us guys for Halloween the other day. She took us into the “studio” aka garage and pulled out some stuff from the Dollar Store and tried to get us to sit still. Note I said “tried.” First she told us to sit, and the Coyote went to lie down. She got him to sit up, and then the Boss and I went down. So she figured we should all just lie down. But now the Coyote wanted to sit. You’ll see the results of that photo session one of these days. Suffice to say – there were no successful photos with head gear. All I know is that My Enforcer was dripping in sweat by the end. Who needs a home sauna when you have three dogs?

Well let’s go see what I can do today!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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