Hey everybody? Guess who? It’s Squirmy!!!!!! Ready to begin a new day full of wild wonder! Who knows where my nose will take me today!

And I have to tell you- I’m learning to use my nose. It’s one of those cool things that you use – and you can learn to use it better. Like at class the other night.

Our teacher (who I really like and who I remembered because I jumped on her) showed us how to get our noses working, by putting some treats under a plastic container. You actually put out a couple of containers and the game is to find the one with the trears. So you have to use your nose.

We came home and My Enforcer got out some empty yogurt containers and tried to do some homework with me. I found the treats pretty well, and although I love treats a whole lot ( after all I AM a PON) , I equally enjoyed knocking over all the containers – just to be sure. We have more homework to do…

But I was also really good at “find the lambie” the other night – and I needed my nose for that. And then last night I was challenged by a really TRICKY nosework exercise….

As I mentioned, we PONs LOVE our food. And if you happen to accidentally drop a treat on the floor or on the ground outside- we will look for it until we find it. The Boss is super vigilant that way – he’ll keep looking and sniffing even after he has already found the treat. Just to be certain.

Anyway, last night, just before dark, My Enforcer took me out back to throw a bumper repeatedly in an effort to tire me out. The Boss saw what was going on ( and the fact that there were treats being given out for each bumper return)., so he decided to join in. So My Enforcer would throw a bumper a certain direction for me and the opposite direction for The Boss. And we would get a treat if we brought the bumper back. Well. You know how we dogs sometimes inhale a treat? And we don’t actually swallow it? Well. I did that and then I ran to get the bumper. And when I stopped, I coughed and spit out my treat. That’s where we canines employ what Viktor used to call regurgitreat. We re-eat the treat that we spit out. Because we don’t believe in letting a perfectly good treat go to waste. The only problem? I spit that treat out in the lawn. The lawn covered with leaves. Talk about a challenging scent work exercise. Problem was, despite all my sniffing, I couldn’t find it. My Enforcer called me over and said “forget about it.” Seriously? Forget the fact that there is a free treat somewhere on that leafy lawn?! Nope. I kept sniffing. And sniffing. She finally had to come over and redirect me toward playing fetch again. And I was fine when she threw it the opposite direction. But when she threw that toy back near the hidden treat, I couldn’t even remember to bring back the fetch toy. Our game ended shortly after that. My Enforcer tried to guide me away from the area – by my collar – and I did my dead dog routine again. It’s one of my favorite tricks. She finally left me and went inside – where I could hear the biscuit jar being opened. My hearing is excellent So I went in. But don’t worry I’ll look again for that treat today….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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