Dates. And class.

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here. I am writing today, because alas, I am the only one who didn’t do anything exciting on the weekend – so I have the pleasure of writing the blog. Clearly I was bribed with treats. Many treats. Many MANY treats.

So let’s begin with the Beatnik’s (aka Coyote’s) news. Yesterday morning he had a date. With his old Picard girlfriend, Willow. They met at a local park to go for a walk. Obviously, the Beatnik was forever on a leash – as we are all well aware that even in the presence of a lovely lady, he is a flight risk. Plain and simple. So while Willow walked beautifully through the woodland trails with her human, Her Highness was dragged through the wilderness by a Picard who wanted desperately to exhibit “unruly” behaviors with his “date”. Ah yes. The Beatnik and his manners. As one would say – he is thankfully a friendly handsome lad. Who Her Highness happens to love. Otherwise he would end up in a home for canine delinquents.

But despite his behavior – he DID manage to sit and stay for a photo or two. And here is the happy couple maintaining social distance.

Frankly, I think Willow was quite happy to stay away from the lad with the raging hormones. Keep in mind that Dear Willow has been “fixed.” I’m not sure why humans use that word – she was not broken. But alas- that doesn’t stop the Beatnik from trying. Mind you, he attempts the same with yours truly. We’ll just leave that right there. Suffice to say- like Willow, I am happy to remind the boy to take his hormones elsewhere.

Next in line for an adventure was the Shark. He returned to his obedience classes last night. As you may recall, he had his first class many weeks ago. And then we were plagued by canine COVID. So he could not return to class. But we are all WELL past our quarantine stage – so back he went.

There were apparently 8 dogs in the class. And the happy-go-lucky fella situated next to the Shark wanted nothing better than to kill him. Well. Maybe not KILL him. But he didn’t look like he wanted to share treats with the Shark. Or anything else. Her Highness kept stuffing the Shark with treats so he wouldn’t even look at the other dog. I’m certain he weighed 5 more lbs when he came home. But it WAS the first class – so no doubt all the dogs will settle down by next time. All in all, Her Highness was pretty proud of the Shark because he was actually well behaved. The teacher says he has potential. But don’t all teachers say that? I find it hard to believe that the flying wild child has obedience potential. Mind you – we PONs DO like our treats. And he IS a pretty quick study. For example, we all played “find the lambie” the other night. The bunny we previously used in the game requires extensive surgery – so the lamb has come in as a substitute. As you may recall, the object of the game is to find the lamb hidden in another room. Only one dog plays at a time – while the other two are sequestered in the hall behind the French door. First the Beatnik played and he was 6/6 for lambie finds. I played next and of course I was also 6/6. And then it was the Shark’s turn. Now in the past when this game was attempted, he would not sit and stay in one room while the lamb was hidden in another. But the other night, like a little soldier, he sat and stayed and waited until he was released to find the lamb. And he was 6/6!!! So he IS a good lambie finder. And he does learn how to play a game. So maybe he DOES have potential…

That’s the most exciting news from the weekend. The best part about the Shark going to class is that we all get to share in the leftover treats. So from my point of view – THAT was the best part of my weekend. Treats for doing nothing. Heaven.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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