A Present. And some trouble…

Hey everybody!!! It’s Squirmy here! And have I got stories today!!!!!!

Guess what? OK you give up? I got MAIL yesterday!!!! Yup. My Enforcer got a note in our mailbox that there was a parcel at the post office. And it was addressed to ME!!!!!

It didn’t even have My Enforcer’s name on the parcel – so when she was asked for ID, she had to explain that it was for ME!!!!!! I’m surprised I didn’t have to go in and give them my paw print!!!

And guess what it was?! OK you give up? It was a gift from a PON who lives clear across the country – by the name of Takoda. That’s what it said on the parcel. He’s a SUPER smart guy who does all kinds of cool stuff like obedience and rally and nose work stuff AND agility. And he’s good at EVERYTHING!!!! He’s my idol.

Well Takoda sent me something to help me burn off some energy. It’s one of HIS favorite toys – it’s an Egg! Not a REAL egg. A very durable plastic one. One of Takoda’s two leggeds warned My Enforcer that it’s an “outdoor toy.” I think because one could end up crashing into furniture, etc. So what else is new. My new nickname is Crash.

But back to my Egg. Well. I LOVED it. Here’s a short clip of me with it the first time I saw it.

I played and played with it. Then the Coyote had to try it out. Watch my tricky move to get it back. And listen to the Fun Police commenting…

So thanks to Takoda, I have a new toy to tire me out!!! It was a super surprise!!!!!

After these videos were taken and we were all huffing and puffing, My Enforcer announced that we had to go in the house because she was going to mow the lawn. We trudged in and had a snooze while she was busy. When she finished the lawn, she had this “bright idea” to “fix” the garden boxes. You know the ones- they are like giant sandboxes. With mud. Anyway, she got some kind of black garden fabric and carefully cut pieces to go over the mud. She then put rocks around the edges to hold the fabric down. I mean those boxes looked all neat and organized. And that fabric was nice and secure. Until we were released.

I was the first one to notice the new arrangement, and I walked right in. We all did. My Enforcer shouted to get out. And that was fine. We did.

But um, it probably wasn’t 10 minutes later when I got an uncontrollable case of the zoomies. I jumped in the box and started digging like mad at that fabric. My Enforcer shouted “no!!!” Which made me dig faster. She grabbed me by the collar and I did my dead dog routine where I go completely limp so she can’t move me. She somehow managed to lift limp me out at which point I came back to life and dashed for the second garden box and started digging there. Again she shouted, grabbed me by the collar and I went limp. After she practically tossed me on the lawn, I did a complete circle, jumped up and dove into the mud. And rolled. My Enforcer was NOT impressed . She ran and grabbed a fetch toy and because I have the attention span of a miniature gnat, I leapt out of the box and took off to fetch the toy. My Enforcer quickly tried to repair the messy boxes. And she did. But let’s face it. That is just WAY too tempting. I think she needs plywood. Although that could be fun to chew…

Good thing I’m cute!!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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