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Howdy blogsters. Elroy here. I’m writing today to let you know AGAIN just how thrilled I am that I am allowed to run around again! Phew. That was a LONG couple of weeks. And I must confess, I WAS getting a bit cranky about it.

I wasn’t happy watching the Shark run around the yard. And frankly, I didn’t even want to play with him indoors – because I wasn’t thrilled with those razor teeth. BUT – I am now free to run away – AND it appears that the razors are gone. Plus he has become a bit more respectful. In fact, we are becoming partners in crime!

Yesterday, while Her Highness was in the DFZ having some kind chat with a friend on the phone, she heard chewing. Now she assumed it was the Shark chewing on one of those hunks of wood that she bought for us. Actually- a small hunk. Remember those giant ones she bought for us at Christmas one year? The ones that cost a small fortune and nobody liked? Well she bought a small version for the Shark – and he likes it! So when she heard the chewing – she assumed it was him. Nope. It was the Boss. Meanwhile there was OTHER chewing going on. You see the Shark and I went out on the deck and hauled in some branches with these little pine cone things on them. They must have fallen on the deck during the windy weather we were having. Anyway, we hauled them in and were carving them into decorative toothpicks. There were pieces of branch and pine cones all over the dining room carpet. And it didn’t take us any time to do it! Yeah – he’s really a fun guy. He’s great at demolition. And he always keeps things interesting. He also has just one speed. Fast. I mean the guy doesn’t walk. He runs. All the time. And he leaps. Sometimes over me. Sometimes under me. Ya never know which way he’s going. He really needs to be more careful.

And speaking of being careful – we had some scary dog news here in Nova Scotia. There was this dog, Roxy, who was walking with her two leggeds, minding her own business and somehow she fell off a cliff – right by the ocean! She landed up on a ledge above the sea – as the tide and waves were rushing in. The police and firefighters were called in and 30 firefighters came to rescue Roxy. They tried to rescue her with ropes and by boat, but neither attempt worked. So finally they outfitted a firefighter in this inflatable, ice rescue suit, and he swam to get her – while he was attached by rope to a boat. And he got her! There was much rejoicing and a few tears shed.

Good thing it wasn’t the Shark. He would have deflated that suit.

In other dog news – did you hear about the research on playful dogs? Here’s a quick summary:

The study on over 130 breeds was done in Stockholm. The results were published in Biology Letters. They looked at data from something called the Dog Mentality Assessment. To look at playfulness, a dog and his/her human were asked to play tug with a toy. The human would then toss the toy to the test administrator/researcher. The humans would toss the toy back and forth before it was again given to the dog. Then the test administrator would attempt to play tug with the dog. The dog was rated on the interest and willingness to play with the administrator.

As it turns out, dogs in the Herding and Sporting groups were the most playful. With Sporting winning out slightly over Herding. Below that in ranking were the Terrier, Hound and Working group dogs who essentially ranked the same. Next down was Non-Sporting group, followed by Toys at the bottom. Now before all you chihuahua owners start getting mad at me – remember I’m the messenger. And of course, there are always going to be dogs who don’t fit into the study results. I’m sure there ARE plenty of playful chihuahuas. Somewhere. But all the dogs are lumped together in the groups.

I do see some issues with the test. For example, what did they do in a case where the dog wouldn’t give up the tug. That would be the Shark. He is JUST LIKE Viktor. Jaws of steel that won’t let go. Unless you have a treat. It would be very very interesting to see how we would do on the test. Some of us dogs take more time to warm up to strangers. So that could factor in. Some of us like to tug more than others. But duh- I guess that is what it was about. We’ll ask the next delivery guy who comes by if he’d like to participate. But he has to sign a waiver first….

Well time to walk. Yesterday it rained all day, so our walks were short. Well mine was a bit longer. I stop every few yards to shake off the rain. Even though it’s still raining. Meanwhile Her Highness just shakes her head…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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