New play area

Hey blogsters. It’s me – Squirmy!!!! I HAD to write today because I’m soooo excited – I just HAVE to tell you about the new play area in our yard!!!!

You know how kids get a sandbox to play in? And they dig and build castles and make tunnels, and have all kinds of FUN? Well – at least before COVID. I think now everyone needs to have their OWN sandbox. But I’m getting off topic…

Well WE got our own sandbox!!!!! But it’s not full of sand. It’s full of mud and sheep manure!!! How cool is THAT?! It’s actually the garden boxes where My Enforcer planted her non-producing tomato plants this year. I hear that last year she had more tomatoes than she knew what to do with. She gave them away. She froze them. It was a tomato explosion.

But I hear that was beginner’s luck. Because THIS year, between me using the garden boxes as a pit stop on my racecourse around the backyard- AND the chipmunk who sampled every tomato just as it ripened – the bounty was pretty miserable. So yesterday, My Enforcer decided to rip out the sad remaining plants – since it appeared there would be no further crop. Doing so while we three Musketeers were running around the yard was not her most brilliant decision. Seriously- did she THINK I could resist the urge to tug on the plants she had removed? Soil was flying everywhere and even the Boss who was just observing the proceedings, was showered in dirt. This is AFTER he shook himself off.

Anyway, once the plants were removed, the Coyote and I headed right for the sandbox to do a little dance. And to dig. My Enforcer shouted at us to get out- but we thought she was joking! Seriously. What dog can resist digging in a bed of mud?

My Enforcer announced that she is going to have to cover those boxes for the winter. Spoil sport. And really- does she think she can find a cover that we can’t remove?!

Kind of like the giant ball. We have worked on that thing and have managed to partly deflate it. As a result, it’s easier for us to get ahold of the covering. Take a look.

Last night she had to inflate the ball again – with the bicycle pump. There sure was a lot of huffing and puffing coming from the garage. When it’s fully inflated, it’s harder to grab the cover. But not to worry- we’ll figure it out!!!

I’m glad the Coyote is feeling better. It’s fun to play with him again.

Speaking of which – it must be almost time to go out. Let’s see what trouble …er… fun we can have today!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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