Squirmy’s great adventure

Hey everybody- it’s Squirmy!!!! I hope you’re doing just as great as I am! Today I have to tell you all about my excellent adventure!!!

On Friday, My Enforcer’s good friend Joanie was in town. They’ve been friends for like a gazillion years. I met her once before. And you KNOW Joanie has to be a great friend when My Enforcer asks if she wants to come on a little Fall drive to take me to a pumpkin patch! My Enforcer had this great idea about taking pictures of me with pumpkins. Because I guess puppies and pumpkins go together. Joanie agreed to come along and to act as funny noisemaker and assistant puppy wrangler during my photo shoot. She’s the best!

So we all got in the car and off we went. The other guys got some yummy treats to keep them occupied at least until we drove out the driveway.

Before we went to the pumpkin patch, we went to a museum/park. I think the objective was to take me on a long walk to tire me out before we got to the pumpkin patch. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t work!). Anyway, the park had lots of nice walking trails. I’ve never been there before- but the Coyote has. Here’s his picture at the place:

And here I am on the same bench. OK maybe it wasn’t the exact same bench, but in the same general area. You’ll note I’m not looking at the camera. It’s because I was taking in all my surroundings- and I couldn’t possibly look at the camera. At least not for long. Posing was not on MY agenda for this adventure.

Here I am taking in the Fall colors and the pretty lake. I forgot to mention that it was a windy day – so in many of my photos I have a rugged wind blown look. I like it.

I did some excellent human training on my adventure. I showed My Enforcer that while I know the word “sit” and “stay” at home – and I can even sit for a whole MINUTE with a timer going, take me to a new environment and I get obedience amnesia. I had NO idea what the words meant. My Enforcer mumbled that we have lots of work to do- whatever that means. Anyway, here’s one shot of me sitting on the trail out of the 63 she took.

I was too busy to sit and stay! I had too much to smell and see!!! I even liked looking up in the sky.

We had a super duper walk – probably one of the longest I have ever been on – it was a little over 2 km! And guess what?! I wasn’t tired at all!!!

Our next stop was supposed to be the pumpkin patch. But the ladies took a detour to a winery. I had to wait in the car. Not to worry – they didn’t get drunk, but they were sure happy about some end of season bargains that they got. They had a big box that they brought back to the car. I just enjoyed the scenery.

Finally we came to the pumpkin patch. And guess what?! My head exploded about seeing all the pumpkins!!! It’s a good thing the Coyote wasn’t there. He would have peed on them. I still squat when I pee – so no pumpkins were showered on.

I saw hundreds of pumpkins.

There were the regular orange ones…

And light green ones…

And light orange ones….

And white ones and yellow ones and and it was a pumpkin rainbow! Joanie took this shot of me watching the tractor move around the pumpkins.

I went into pumpkin awe. And getting me to sit among the pumpkins AND look at the camera was next to IMPOSSIBLE. My Enforcer has about 352 photos that are similar to these:

She FINALLY did get this shot…

Joanie also captured this shot of me and My Enforcer. I’m in a death hold.

And they quit at that point. I said if they wanted a pumpkin poser they should have brought The Boss.

After exhausting themselves with the pumpkin patch wrangling, we did do a bit more driving. And My Enforcer found someone even more stubborn than me!! Mind you, he did pose…

And he had friends!!! Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet them – I had to look at them and bark at them from the car…

That last one is really odd looking…

We stopped at another winery which thankfully was closed, but I was able to get out and look around here. And again – no worries about me peeing on the grapes – or the pretty flowers…

My Enforcer didn’t even TRY to take my photo with the flowers. She knew I wouldn’t sit and would most likely try to pick some.

Lastly we saw another pumpkin farm…

No point in plopping me in this scene either. This was right next to a barn full of cows. We know how that would have turned out.

Anyway, I loved my adventure. When I got home, I told The Coyote how I refused to sit still – and he rolled on the ground and laughed.

And even though I was still raring to go, I WAS pretty tired..

I had the perfect day! Now to see what today will hold. It’s our Thanksgiving so – I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving – whether you celebrate today or not. 2020 has had some very challenging times. But there is always much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my “brothers”, the food in my bowl, my many toys, the roof over my head, friends and family. And birds, butterflies, pretty leaves, walks and treats. In no particular order. Happy thankful day!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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