Bag chasing. Or how to awaken a Picard.

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. I hope you are all enjoying an explosion of Fall colors. It is a lovely time of the year. Otherwise, not much new around the homestead. Although I suppose I could tell you how yesterday, the Beatnik and I increased Her Highness’ arm length by two inches. I jest of course. It was only one inch. Yes – I will share that story…

It was during our morning constitutional. The Shark went for his walk first, returned and was safely sequestered in his crate, where he continues to bark until we return home from our walk. Even the most luscious Kong, a bone or a yak chew cannot keep him quiet. Thankfully with the cooler Fall temperatures, the windows are closed so his incessant singing cannot be heard by everyone in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, it was cool and clear. But windy. Very windy. We walked all the way down the road and stopped to “make our deposits.” I prefer to go right in the middle of the road – causing Her Highness to do the pick up before there are any oncoming vehicles. It’s fun to watch her scramble.

I find the Beatnik is not REALLY a morning dog. I am usually bouncing along in front of him, as he, instead, makes numerous stops to sniff every blade of grass, fallen leaf, and unusual rocks. Of course sometimes he just stops and stares at nothing. I honestly think that sometimes he is sleep walking. He is rather zombie-like in the morning.

As we began our trek back home, Her Highness put her hand in her pocket to check the treat supply. Yours truly has trained her to give me treats at various points on our walk. I will spontaneously go into heel position and start strutting as if I am in an obedience competition. And I will keep strutting until she gives me a treat. I will continue that ploy until we pass the first house on the road, after which I stop my trick. Then I go back to walking in the lead. I do expect another treat when we arrive at our driveway and will essentially stand in front of her waiting for it. I have her well trained.

But back to the hand in pocket part. As she withdrew her hand, one of our famous black handled lightweight empty poop bags came out of her pocket. And with the wind, began to blow along the street. Well. The ordinarily zombie-like Picard, suddenly awakened and sprang to life. He bolted to grab that bag. And yours truly, who saw him bolting, figured I should bolt too. It was a good thing Her Highness was well balanced (perhaps the extra pandemic pounds provide ballast) so she didn’t topple over. She DID let go of my leash but held firmly to the Beatnik’s as she knew that would entail a neighborhood run around if she let go.

The Beatnik managed to grab the offending bag and shake it to death. Thank goodness it was empty.

In other boring news, a delivery truck arrived yesterday with a box full of grooming supplies. Oh joy oh happiness. When the truck pulled up, all three of us went into full on Cujo mode. The delivery woman dropped the package at the door and said “That’s some security system you have there” as she raced back to the truck. Yes – we do create a rather loud chorus…

Rumor has it the shark may be going on an adventure today. Leaving moi and the Beatnik to do our security routine. We better be left some tasty treats…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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