New words

Hey everybody! Squirmy here!!!! Getting bigger and bolder every day. And forever wagging my butt!!! I have been learning lots over the past couple of months. Every day is a new day to experience something. Like how to pretend you don’t understand what your human says. If you do that, while they are trying to train you, they give you more treats to help you “learn” something. That’s a cool one.

And I’ve learned lots of vocabulary. Like the word “biscuits” means you should run like mad to the jar that’s on the counter. And sit and wait.

I’ve learned that “stay” means to be boring and not move. That’s a tough one for me – but I do know that if you are boring, you do get treats. It actually is a simple concept. I mean you don’t have to DO anything. And you get a reward. Not many jobs where you do nothing and get paid. Although I hear that sometimes happens with some humans who call themselves politicians. But I don’t think I really understand that whole concept, so The Boss said to stay away from it. Just stick to my own business.

Another word I learned is “tuggy”. That’s a toy made by Kong – and it’s real name is Tugga Wubba. That’s a great one for me and the Coyote to play with. I already know when My Enforcer says “where’s Tuggy?” that I should look for that toy. Whether I will give it up is another story.

I did learn a bad word this week too. Carabiner. Kind of sounds like someone who lives in the Caribbean. But no. It’s a device that can be used for a variety of purposes – from climbing to sailing to hot air ballooning to acrobatics. It can also be used as a device to secure dog crates so smart dogs can’t open their cells and freely roam when not being watched. A German climber by the name of Otto Herzog invented the carabiner around 1921 – just in case you need to know that for Jeopardy. But I must say, I don’t consider Otto among my heroes. Mind you, when he invented it, I doubt he knew all the possible uses for his device. Wonder if Otto had a dog. A smart dog….

We had a visit by My Enforcer’s friends Heather and Allan again. I like them. After I first bark at them for 2 minutes. They are owned by Boston Terriers and Old English Sheepdogs. Allan brought over an arsenal of grooming products and equipment- to demonstrate their use on yours truly. And guess what? I was good! I mean I was well behaved! He left without needing ANY bandaids! I’m thinking the whole grooming torture story is a bit blown up by the Boss. It’s not all that bad. Mind you- I still do have my puppy coat. We’ll see what happens when my Big Boy coat comes in. But not to worry – we now have a whole bunch of new stuff for my Enforcer to buy and try out on me. I get treats while I’m being groomed so that’s fine with me.

Well it’s time for my wonder walk – to learn more about my world. I can’t wait to do it each day. And let’s see what new words I learn today….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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