Yo. It’s me. Elroy. It’s Monday and I had to write today because I have some great news!!! I passed my exam – and I didn’t even study! The one by my therapist. She checked me all over and said I’m doing very well – and I can return to my previous activities. She wouldn’t recommend sky diving just yet. Or maybe it was dock diving. Anyway- I’m not planning to do either – so it looks like I’m good to go. Yeee haw.

I finally got to play with that giant blow up ball that the shark loves. And boy – do I love it too!!!!!! I knock it all over the yard – and bark like a PON while playing with it. In fact, I do get rather crazy with it- so much so that Her Highness has a hard time getting me to stop. And even grabbing the ball can be a challenge. She has this fear that I’m going to totally bowl her over like a bowling pin as I charge across the lawn with it. Let’s just say I wouldn’t put any small children or animals in my path when I’m rolling that thing! We’ll have to take videos.

Meanwhile, the shark got in hot water yesterday and so did the Boss – while the hot water was flowing. Her Highness put the shark in his crate while she went to take her shower. She left him with a delectable yak chew to keep him busy. He’s the only one who gets them. I probably could have one because I’m not a compulsive hard chew destroyer – but the Boss – well he would crack every last tooth in his mouth if he got one of those things.

So Her Highness was juuuust ready to step in the shower when she thought she heard some commotion outside the bathroom door. She threw open the door and there was the Squirmster – wagging his butt. He had escaped from his cell. So the first thing she shouted was “FRODO” because she knew he would have gone in the crate and stolen the yak chew. She shouted his name before she even rounded the corner and saw the empty crate. As she ran out of the bedroom, she threw a pillow back on the bed, and grabbed a sweater that was on the floor – following the path of Hurricane Wojtek. She raced into the dining room where the Boss was trying to crack and inhale that yak chew as fast as he could. She managed to salvage about half of it – that’s all that was left. Meanwhile the shark was chasing the naked woman through the house and I just watched the circus with a mix of shock and delight.

Yesterday the shark got to go to some home building place – because Her Highness figured he needed some socializing. He reportedly did fairly well- and only put the breaks on once – when he heard some loud pounding somewhere. Otherwise he was fine. He didn’t pee anywhere and no other shoppers were attacked. A good visit.

It’s a new week. Wonder what adventures lie ahead this week. One thing for sure, it’s never dull around here!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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