Hey everybody! Squirmy here! Hope you’re having a great Fall day! And boy- I’m learning that falling leaves are sure pretty – but they are also dangerous too!

Like the other day when My Enforcer decided to mow the lawn. It’s not her favorite job around here – it rates just above scrubbing the grout on the kitchen floor. But ya gotta do it – while we canines watch from the deck. So we already have lots of leaves on our lawn. And she figured she could mulch up the leaves with the lawnmower. Even though we don’t REALLY have a mulching mower. So she was kind of mulching some leaves a little and was also shooting leaves all over too. We watched while the Boss shouted out instructions. The problem with all those leaves is that they were so thick in some spots that they could hide the many dog toys spread all over the lawn. And we watched as she was motoring along when suddenly she heard a big CLUNK and then the mower stopped. Well you know those big rope balls that we dog like to play with? I’m here to tell you they don’t look as round when they’re run over by a mower. Luckily the mower did start up again after a dozen pulls. The Boss cheered her on.

The other Fall leaf danger is what I call “hidden mines.” Poop mines. Yup – if you humans don’t scoop our poop IMMEDIATELY, it can be virtually impossible to find it later. This is harder than Where’s Waldo. We could probably take some lawn photos and create our own game called Where’s Poopo?

Today the Coyote goes in for his therapy appointment. He seems MUCH better – so hopefully he gets the go ahead to play again. He’s been pretty depressed not being able to chase me. We’ll have to be careful- but it will be fun to play again. Paws crossed he gets the green light.

Time to go for my morning walk. I’ll be sure to poop in some leaves – just to create that fun game! Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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