Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. Today marks the first day of October. The trees have begun their colorful costume changes – not unlike the embarrassing costume changes we canines will no doubt be experiencing throughout this month.

The preparation for the Halloween costume photo has begun. Her Highness has begun a series of photo shoots – in an effort to come up with that “perfect” Halloween photo. Unfortunately, I am the only cooperative canine for these shoots. Allow me to show you some examples….

Because the lawn is already littered with leaves, Her Highness thought we could take some generic Fall photos. No costumes. No props. You will note in the following examples, that no matter what, I continue to pose…

Here we begin. After finally getting all of us in one location and finally getting all of us to lie down, only one of us looks at the camera.

The Shark is busy chewing on a new found stick, and the Beatnik refuses to look at the camera.

The Shark continues to chew and the Beatnik will still not look at the camera. Despite a variety of strange noises made by Her Highness. And the fact that she is waving super yummy treats.

Next the two Stooges decide to change positions, at which point I sit up. But I still continue to pose….

Now both clowns get moving. And I continue to pose.

By now all the strange noises Her Highness is making to attract attention are being totally ignored. Except by yours truly. And even her tummy treats are making no difference.

Next all heck breaks loose…

At which point, Her Highness decides she might as well just take a photo of moi as I am still sitting there.

The clowns take a momentary break..

So she whips out even bigger pieces of treats and attempts another take. Here we are all looking at the camera. But the Beatnik looks a bit possessed. Or maybe the word is unimpressed.

So she now changes position. I must inform you that the imp does NOT yet understand the word “stay.” Which was fine with me – because the Beatnik and I kept getting treats because we DID stay.

This next photo is not BAD – it was captured just before the Shark launched himself. However the Beatnik, wearing a leaf on his lip still does not look overly impressed. But he IS looking at the camera…

And finally, after 458 shots, we got this one. Which was the keeper. Even with the Beatnik and his leaf decoration.

The next group of shots involved some Halloween “collars”. Let’s just say that even putting them on was a gong show. And keeping the Shark from pulling off mine and the Beatnik’s was no easy task. We’ll save those photos for later.

Needless to say, Her Highness was exhausted by the end of this round of shots. I believe there might be some Halloween head gear involved in the next round. Heaven help all of us..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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