We forgot

Hey everybody- it’s Squirmy!!!!!!!!!! I hope your day is going great and you look at it like I do – full of new possibilities. Ya just never know what great stuff might happen – especially if you look for the good things.

Well I guess we snoozed here and missed a big day last week. September 20 was our blogiversary! Six years ago, a wild guy by the name of Viktor decided that he should tell the world all about the adventures of three dogs in Nova Scotia – and the human they owned. We have surpassed 2000 postings – and My Enforcer has made friends all over the WORLD because of that guy named Viktor. My Enforcer forgot about the date – but last night something happened that reminded her of it.

I guess Viktor was a bit of a character whose favorite thing (besides food and chasing bunnies) was to retrieve bumpers. He would retrieve until he was ready to fall over. And he and the Boss had this little game. My Enforcer would take two bumpers out. She would throw one a certain direction and yell “Viktor.” I understand he always had to go first because he wasn’t very patient. Then she would throw the other bumper the opposite direction and would shout “Frodo.” The race was to see who could make it back faster to get a treat. They both DID get a treat – but someone got it first.

Now I kind of like retrieving – but I do get bored sometimes. But for some reason, last night My Enforcer decided to just TRY the game with us. And she was shocked. So much so that she almost cried. I got the game – and just like Viktor – I HAD to go first. And I raced The Boss every time. We must have done it ten times – and I didn’t want to stop. It was kind of like the spirit of Viktor took over my body and I had a blast. It was like I had been doing the game for years. Not bad for a five month old guy.

I know PONs are PONs – but let’s face it – we all have our own personalities. But I understand that I’m so much like Viktor – that it’s kinda spooky. I race into the garage to look for the food bin. I run with wild abandon just like he did. And I do like to steal things – like shoes – just like he did. In fact, My Enforcer glanced around the other day just in time to see me dragging her sweater under the dining room table – which I had stolen off the dresser. Yup – there’s this little guy who whispers in my ear exactly what to do. I have yet to reach the bananas on the counter – and eat them peel and all…

So cheers to our blogiversay. We share pretty much everything with you readers – the good times – and the sad. Our goal is to put a smile on your face every now and then – and to make you look at your dog and realize just how well behaved he or she really is. We’ve said it before – our antics are sometimes like an accident – where you can’t HELP but look and say “ better her than me!” And we’re OK with that! Thank YOU for reading and for your comments – they keep us going!!!! Besides – we’re probably more relaxing to read than politics and world news….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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