She’s back

Hey everybody- Squirmy here!!! And guess what – My Enforcer is back!!!!! Holy moly did we boys go more nutso than usual when she walked in the door. Of course, I immediately bit her out of extreme excitement and because, well that’s what I usually do when I see her. The other guys were excited too. But they didn’t bite her.

She told us all about her beach adventures and showed us all her treasures. Frankly we weren’t all that impressed as they are not edible, but we tried to look interested. She said she had no guilt gifts as there was no pet store where she went. The Boss said that was a bit of a cop out because SURELY where she went they had SOME type of grocery store, and they MUST sell steaks. As soon as she went to the biscuit jar and doled out some treats, he stopped his complaining.

We behaved very well for Wendy. Everything went just tickety boo. Well except for one accidental boo on my part.

Um – you know how the other guys have created a dog door in the screen on the door to the deck? Well guess who also created a dog door inadvertently in the door to the downstairs patio? Yup. I took a flying run at the screen door, and kind of tore the screen. And knocked the door off the track. But not to worry – I’m just fine. The door – well that’s another story. Who needs screen doors with dogs anyway?!

So it’s back to our normal circus existence again. We very much enjoyed our time with Wendy – she’s SUPER patient and nice. We know that My Enforcer needed her “Zen” moments at the sea – and now she’s feeling all refreshed and relaxed. Should we take bets on how long it takes us to burst her Zen bubble? I’ll let you know after I finish chewing on a dining room chair. Just jokin’. I actually have my sights on the carpet….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “She’s back

  1. I just want you to know how much I enjoy your/Squirmy’s Newsletters. They make me smile and I look forward to them! I have a PON (my third) . I tell Cappy all time that he’s lucky he’s so cute!
    Dianne Bunnell
    Columbia SC


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