She left

Howdy blogettes. Elroy here. And do I have news today.

Yesterday morning, Her Highness’ friend Wendy came over. And she knows lots about dogs because she arrived with two fists full of super yummy treats. We love her. Frankly, I love her even without the treats.

Anyway, the next thing we knew, Her Highness said “Be good boys- see you later!” And she left us!

But don’t worry – she’s coming back tomorrow. And we are in great hands. Like I said we all love Wendy – and we’re behaving pretty well. So far we haven’t locked her in a crate or stolen her lunch. Yet.

Meanwhile, Her Highness went hunting. For tiny pieces of glass. I’m not kidding. Humans are sometimes rather weird. She collects something called sea glass. So she went with an old friend to a special beach where you can reportedly find lots of the glass. She said we would find the hunting rather boring – so she couldn’t take us with her. She’s probably right. Actually, Frodo and Viktor went sea glass hunting once – and they did find it boring. They said would rather have rolled in dead fish or seaweed, but it wasn’t allowed.

The PONs are hoping Her Highness brings home guilt gifts. I’m not sure she’ll find special dog treats on the beach other than driftwood. She’ll probably stop at a gas station on the way home that sells snacks, and she’ll buy us a hunk of cheese. That works for us.

We’ll give you the whole review of her mini hunting trip when she gets back. In the meantime, we’ll behave for Wendy. Or I guess I should be speaking for myself. Who knows what the PON twins will do – especially that little guy. The true test will be if Wendy says she’ll ever watch us again. Wonder if she can be bribed….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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